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    Feb 3

    One year in already. I had a pleasant encounter with HEMinistre Délégué of External Relations Felix Mbayu for a year in review of all projects started by in on and and and proudly going forward.

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    Feb 2

    I would like to take you on a journey of what the Hyracbox is all about, I will be sharing the benefits as well as what it means for you. Keep checking this space for more posts on the same.

  3. Jan 25

    THNX Midtown for hosting Anita Rijal & Stephen Kovats to present - Access to Skills & Knowledge Emergency Case! Help us get a kit to by donating:

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    Jan 15

    In 2018 we Successfully manage to pull thousands of refugees for the Music for Concert at Rhino Camp Settlement through the efforts of one Influencial 🇸🇸 musicians with Funding from & . We plan to hold more events this year Fund Us

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    Jan 12

    The rise/fall of numbers in PoC camps & refugee camps outside are telling indicators of the faith (or otherwise) of ordinary people in the peace accord. Clearly, the jury is still out.

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    Jan 12

    Thanks we need to get more of these boxes to everyone

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    Jan 12

    More than 28 youth attended a pitching event hosted by in Kampala where they were able to present different ideas on how they help their communities. Thanks to and Cten for creating a platform like this for the refugee youth

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    Jan 3

    Help locate some of the most wanted works of art in the world. Please share this poster and contact your or the if you have any information. More:

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    26 Dec 2018

    With , I believe young people stand a better chance of gaining essential skills and even creating employment for themselves, things can only get better from here!

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    28 Dec 2018

    Pictures from Thanks for all the support and valuable key lessons learned from the event. We look forward to building lasting relationships and empowering each other.

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    24 Dec 2018
  12. 24 Dec 2018

    our partner - a great team producing , a simple device serving online content in offline communities featured ! As part of emergency case, we need your donation for its development

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    18 Dec 2018

    A team of experts from the office in arrived in Bentiu to support the team on the ground to investigate rape allegations that involved some 150 women and girls. Read more:

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    14 Dec 2018

    Hatred propaganda and mis use of Social media has been key factor fueling Conflict we should Advocate for a

  15. 16 Dec 2018
  16. 16 Dec 2018

    it's been great to see the efforts by in nurturing an atmosphere of trust & open dialogue between communities! This is essential for any possible return to - and a model for the country itself! Congratulations on working for a !

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    14 Dec 2018

    Trauma and Violence are key factors behind inted communal violence hede in Rhino and have been conducting limited training sessions for Refugee leaders to help

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    14 Dec 2018
  19. 13 Dec 2018

    Congratulations to Winnie & team on launch of - another fragile !voice! for freedom of expression & creativity for a ! Team wishing you strength & success!!

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    12 Dec 2018

    Nice to reconnect with Gen + to hear about efforts of their Initiative now active in with support. Fier du partenariat avec le général Dallaire et son équipe pour mieux répondre au défi des enfants soldats.

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