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We support sustainable and hybrid forms of cultural innovation and social enterprise in regions undergoing rapid and fundamental transformation, we are collaborative and internationally networked.


We are a Berlin-based nonprofit dedicated to partnering with local grassroots organizations and governments to support open knowledge, open technology, and peacebuilding efforts in the Global South, specifically those regions undergoing rapid and fundamental transformation. We believe that open knowledge has the potential to create healthy, open societies.

The word ‘open’ is borrowed from the tech world and is used to describe something (texts, software, technology, information) that is accessible by the general public, and is free to be used and redistributed without legal or technological restrictions, removing barriers that might otherwise stand between individuals and the information they need.

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Open Technology

We develop open source software, open standards, and open hardware, and make these readily accessible, because we believe that Open Tech plays an important role in fostering the peacebuilding process, innovation, and self-reliance.

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Open Knowledge

Knowledge empowers people and communities by acting as the great equalizer. We create learning materials, field guides, documents, and posters that can be freely accessed, downloaded, used, and disseminated.

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Peacebuilding is an intervention that aims to prevent or counter violent conflict through activities that address root causes of violence and foster peaceful conflict resolutions, with the goal of creating a more stable social and political environment.

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where we work

r0g_agency works with both grass-roots as well as with governmental and international organisations – often with an interest to bridge gaps between policy and real action on the ground.

We are engaged with communities in the equatorial regions of Africa and South East Asia.
Currently we are working primarily with communities and organisations in the Republic of South Sudan, Uganda, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia and Pakistan.

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In order to achieve our goals of a more open and collaborative society, we work with the following partner organisations:

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Our Berlin office:
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