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Platform Africa is a community interest non-profit organisation in Rhino camp, Uganda. we are refugee youth building the architecture of community empowerment.

South Sudan
Joined June 2016


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    Jan 13

    We need to find our voices as young people,stand up for what we believe in,defy status quo and be the wheel that drives change

  2. Retweeted
    26 Dec 2018

    With , I believe young people stand a better chance of gaining essential skills and even creating employment for themselves, things can only get better from here!

  3. Retweeted
    25 Dec 2018

    Our 2018 was absolutely amazing thanks to you, our & family and friends. We wish you Happy Holidays. We hope you have great joy and fun of the season. See you all in 2019!

  4. 25 Dec 2018

    As we wrap up 2018, we'd like to wish a happy holidays to all our partners, networks and community.. From us at Platform Africa

  5. 19 Dec 2018

    Unlearning violence + changing mindsets is critical to peace building transformation.. Nice work in south Sudan + all the local partners.

  6. 18 Dec 2018

    In Kampala, our executive director + from meets the CPJ - we believe in working / growing together!

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    11 Dec 2018

    The set is ready for the concert with Dj Kevo on his deck! Come to this evening for a show you don't wanna miss by with as your host and appearance by Miss World . Don't miss out.

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    8 Dec 2018

    While passing through Kampala, we are taking the chance to visite by with expanding

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    9 Dec 2018

    and will be showcasing their work during our end of year Expo themed

  10. Retweeted
    9 Dec 2018

    's work has been very instrumental in changing lives & breathing hope among refugees. aims to engage communities through the power of media, education and technology to facilitate an equitable, informed and resilient refugees societies.

  11. 9 Dec 2018

    Juba people, please joins us on the 11th for the end of year event.. We'll be sharing about our work which is tied around building skills of refugee communities in responding / dealing with the rhetoric of hate online + offline

  12. 9 Dec 2018
  13. Retweeted
    5 Dec 2018

    Being at has been an eye opener to the possibilities that and hold, learning and serving the community simultaneously, what better way to work towards better communities

  14. 2 Dec 2018

    I felt that this box was the future! Accessing resources without incurring extra costs is sth that my community would highly benefit from - ..This year became part of the to enable p'ple in post conflict / transition regions learning materials offline

  15. 29 Nov 2018

    in the field... To make sure refugees have the tools + resources to support skills dev + STEM + local innovations + offline learning materials, please donate to our crowding funding campaign

  16. 29 Nov 2018

    We can't agree more.. And for refugees, skills development + DIY hacktivism means self sustainability (jobs) and knowledge to fix things on a do-it-yourself bases which saves time and money..

  17. 29 Nov 2018

    This maker-table is led by (go-gothers - Innovators - Risk takers - Leaders).. Happy 2 see this resonating w/ the campaign - We send our thumps up2 & 2 the funder

  18. 29 Nov 2018

    Youth building Wi-Fi reflector discs from scratch to foster community + information sharing in Rhino Camp refugee settlement in a project by + , generously supported by the German government through the

  19. Retweeted
    25 Nov 2018
  20. 23 Nov 2018

    We believe peace is possible for south Sudan..


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