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#OSWARRAP: Open Systems Strategies linking FOSS & Open Knowledge to Strengthen Agriculture in Warrap State, South Sudan


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Presentation by Eva Yayi, IT Officer, Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO)
Session: Strengthening Grassroots Engagement in ARD Policy Processes
on 5 Nov 2013
ICT4Ag, Kigali, Rwanda

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#OSWARRAP: Open Systems Strategies linking FOSS & Open Knowledge to Strengthen Agriculture in Warrap State, South Sudan

  1. 1. #OSWARRAP: Open Systems Strategies linking FOSS & Open Knowledge to Strengthen Agriculture in Warrap State, South Sudan By Eva Yayi Strengthening Grassroots Engagement in ARD Policy Processes session04
  2. 2. Overview of agriculture situation in warrap state • Ministry of agriculture is the key ministry in warrap state • It is an economical ministry in charge of boasting warrap’s economy and the modernisation of nomadic pastoralism • 94% of South Sudan’s population practices agro- pastoralism (agriculture & livestock for prestige and an income generating activity) • Fisheries also plays an important role in the food security sector but not so pronounced like nomadic pastoralism
  3. 3. Key Challenges of Agriculture in Warrap State The biggest challenge is cattle rustling as a result of: • Water scarcity, causing fights among the different tribes resulting to death and loss off cattle • Dowry. A lady is auctioned for marriage and usually given to the highest bidder (the one with more cattle) • Tribal conflicts within and outside warrap state • Presence of automatic riffles among the people The above conflicts keep on repeating themselves as people seek for revenge
  4. 4. CEPO ‘s Proposed Solutions • Creation of valley dams to supply water to the animals in various cattle camps • Strengthening police services especially in the areas affected by cattle rustling by equipping them with weapons and mobility to easily track down cattle raiders • Strengthening the local government structures like; judiciary at county level or the customary court should be harsh on the raiders to send a message to others; and local government officials should be obliged to handle cattle raiding issues in collaboration with strong police
  5. 5. …proposed solutions cont • Cattle raiding leaders should be given assignments such as reporting any attempts for cattle raiding. • Disarmament of civilians and providing adequate protection to the civilians by the government instead of the youths taking the lead • Initiation of livelihood activities like fishing, poultry to make people busy and generate for themselves income instead of thinking about cattle raiding
  6. 6. Overview of South Sudan Technology • South Sudan relies on wireless mobile internet connections, that are expensive, so congested, unreliable and too slow. • There are no under ground fiber optics for fast wired internet connections. • Relies on internet providers from neighboring East Africa and Sudan. • Warrap state radio is used to communicate to the people and it covers up to 7km2 of warrap state • They also use Miraya fm, a Juba based UN radio station which covers the whole of south Sudan; and Voice of America South Sudan
  7. 7. …Overview of south Sudan technology cont • The state ministry of information is in the process of setting up a state TV station but currently they are using the national TV, SSTV (South Sudan Television) • Mobile penetration is good in warrap’s capital Kuajok (Gemtel, MTN, Vivacell, Zain); but not good or not available in other counties. • There is limited man power in the ICT sector where they lack qualified personnel to work at state level • There is a state website (
  8. 8. What needs to be done to make technology open, accessible and available to farmers • Ministry of agriculture together with Kapital movie Industry proposed Mobile Cinemas displayed in various cattle camps across warrap state (in the process of developing this idea) • Agriculture Business Bulletin where all the ten states can send agriculture related data on disease surveillance and market prices. • Introduction of OjoVoz mobile technology which is aimed at lowering the barriers of complexity of access to technology for non expert users; and this can be done in areas with low telecommunications coverage and limited infrastructure.
  9. 9. THANK YOU!!!