AfricaHackTrip – The Movie

Short thesis

"Is it a trip? Or a hack? I don't know – but I like the result: AfricaHackTrip!" (Jimmy Gitonga / iHub, Nairobi)

In 2013, the AfricaHackTrip crew of developers & designers from Europe went on a journey to explore the East African tech scene. Our goal was to document our experiences and to kick off continuous exchange between the continents. With **AfricaHackTrip – The Movie** we want to share with communities all over the world and motivate others to join the exchange across boarders.


AfricaHackTrip is a group of developers & designers from Europe, who were curious about the emerging African tech hubs in 2013. So we decided to just go and explore the East African tech scene.

Our goal was to document our experience and to kick off a continuous exchange between the continents. We went on a journey to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania to meet, work, play and build connections with our counterparts in the region. We hosted barcamps and hackathons in cooperation with the different tech hubs and explored the local tech scenes, often focussing on women in tech and open knowledge sharing.

AfricaHackTrip is all about: open spaces for learning and sharing; coders; tinkerers; designers; connection; discussions; creating new things together; people and their projects; user groups; women in tech; the East African tech scene; barcamps; hackathons; hugs; highfives; and a whole lot of fun.

We met incredible people, learned about crazy cool projects, found out how people in East Africa use technology to solve social problems, and brought together European and African hacking cultures. And most importantly we kicked off continuous exchange!

It took us a long time to make this movie - in fact, it is probably still taking us a long time when you read this - and we are excited to finally show parts of it at rpTEN! Because some of our friends and partners from Africa will be in Berlin for GIG@re:publica, we invite you to a screening plus informal panel discussion - please join us for sharing stories about hacking, making and tinkering in East Africa, and especially for learning what has happened since 2013.

Come and watch **AfricaHackTrip – The Movie** and become inspired to do your own journey to meet fellow hackers from all over the world!


BIG THANKS go out to all the backers of our crowdfunding campaign who made this movie possible, to GIG the Global Innovation Gathering, to re:publica, to our partners in Africa, mostly the managing teams of and startups working from iHub, Outbox, Hive Colab, The Office, KLab and Buni Hub – and to all the organizations and individual people who made the trip a success! You are beautiful, we love you and send hugs and highfives your way <3