Digital Project Week

Tanja Ertl

Tinker, build and develop together

Chair of Business Informatics and New Media invites you to the Digital Project Week and the Finissage on July 11th

The Come_IN Digital Project Week of the Chair of Business Informatics and New Media at the University of Siegen will bring together families, senior citizens, refugees and students from Thursday, July 5th. For a week we build, build and develop together.

At the end of the Digital Project Week on Wednesday, July 11, starting at 7:00 pm, there will be a finissage in Gallery 42, where the results of the individual workshops will be shown. The Kurdish-Syrian musician Omer Shar will also perform there, supported by self-made synthesizers from a workshop during the project week. The Finissage will be opened by Prof. dr. Volker Wulf, Dean of Faculty III (Economics, Business Informatics and Business Law) of the University of Siegen.

The project Come_IN has been building computer clubs in various cities in North Rhine-Westphalia for more than ten years, always following the motto: Joint activities create new friendships. Cultures and generations meet, get to know each other and understand each other. In this sense, the digital project week is taking place for the first time.

In a workshop, for example, participants aged 14 and over will be shown how to build their own website. In another, luminous and flashing LED earrings are tinkered. At the “My SiWi” workshop, visitors can first digitally calculate the accommodation they live in and then make it colorful with colors, light, paper and fabric.

The workshops will be led by employees of the projects Come_IN, Learnspaces and FabLab Siegen. In addition, the Hackspace Siegen (HaSi) and the Verein Förderband support with his project JUST! Girls the week. From the international network GIG Global Innovation Gathering, Saad Chinoy from Singapore and Jaiksana Soro from South Sudan will co-design the Digital Project Week. Two years ago, Soro fled the civil war in his homeland and now offers theater projects on trauma coping and maker workshops in a refugee camp in Uganda.

The entire program of the Digital Project Week is also available on the Internet at:

Address of the gallery 42: Kölner Straße 42, 57072 Siegen.