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Today 28th June 2018 had been Our pleasure as Team #defyhatenow For taking part in the Uganda Social Media Conference under the Theme:"Democracy $Civic Enga...gement in the Age of Digital (DIS) Information" With Our Main Focus On Mitigation of Hate Speeches( Understanding the Concept of Hate Speech)and the Call for Acton to Silence the spread of Fake Messages that Incites Violence in Reference to Countries that have Experience Wars and Violence as a result of propaganda spread on Social Media that led to killings and displacement of millions of people out side the home counties. Thanks to #defyhatenow Partners #YSAT( Youth Social Advocacy Team Arua-Rhino),#YEF (Youth Empowerment Foundation Adjumani-Moyo District ), #Platformafrica for the Adequate presentation in this Very industrial Conference.

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