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  1. Jan 30

    Yesterday I emailed 131 authors to request data for a meta analysis. Within 24 hours, 40% of them have already written back. is alive and well!

  2. Feb 8

    Our Medium miniseries conclude with an article about science and the way scientific articles are often not available to general public and sometimes — even to scientists themselves.

  3. Jan 28

    A student in my class who works as a campus tour guide recently had a high school student on a tour ask: "You're a psychology major, right? I've been reading about the 'replication crisis'. Is this something you're learning about in your classes?" 1/2

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  4. Jan 27

    The Open Social Science Conference is over but the spirit lives on. We have now published ALL keynotes, presentations and discussions on YouTube. A unique collection of cutting edge research in the Social Science. Please share.

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  5. Jan 19

    Finished my first study (preregistered) for my PhD this week. I’m so tempted to clean data and analyse results quickly in SPSS but determined to make it reproducible by doing it all in R. Wish me luck!

  6. 2 hours ago

    is a culture, not facilitated but not bound by tools. Love it.

  7. Jan 29

    I'm honored to take over as Editor of the J of Environmental Psychology, we're making major changes towards , we now accept , pre-regs welcome (null results too), must report Power, CIs, e-sizes - editorial here, submit your work!

  8. Jan 24

    Hey Twitter, how has OS affected/addressed science communication (outreach)? Beyond making research open, are there OS initiatives tackling how to effectively communicate scientific findings to a broader audience? Collecting info for OS Lunch, thanks!

  9. Jan 25

    Proudly joining today’s celebrations with over half a billion scholarly open citations now available to everyone with no copyright restriction. Thanks to all the publishers and organizations that support this vision.

  10. Jan 28

    Does anyone have any tips, or (free) resources they love, for having a reproducible workflow for a ? There is a lot of SR software available but it feels quite disconnected

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  11. Feb 7

    One billion euros are spent every year across Europe in electronic resources, of which more than 700 million go to periodicals alone. EUA releases preview of 2nd 📚

  12. Jan 30

    A question to all researchers, PhD students, postdoc, etc...: when doing your research, do you usually produce FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) data?

  13. 23 hours ago

    twitter, I want to build a (probably small) database with mostly qualitative data. What open file format would you recommend?

  14. Jan 30

    Do you want to help towards an Open Scholarship future, but don't know where to start? Our new foundational strategy document can help! Authored by an inspiring group of brilliantly-minded people, we hope this is of use for you all!

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  15. Jan 30

    I'm happy that my colleague invited me to give a tutorial to her and her thesis student today. Slowly but surely, is becoming mainstream. This year, 40% of the senior thesis research projects in my department at will be preregistered!

  16. Feb 7

    Hi experts - does anyone know how to extract only pre-prints from the PMC open access subset ()?

  17. 2 hours ago

    This project is developing and it shYould be a great reason for investment.Personally, my opinion this project has a very great future. With such a strong team.

  18. 5 hours ago

    This week, my homework is really specific to my research topic: some python functions to calculate the heat flux for . You can find the code on GitHub:

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  19. Jan 26

    This is the best kind of conference: hearing about new, interesting social science research AND practices. Kudos to the organizers

  20. Jan 30

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