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  1. Feb 9
  2. Feb 9

    /Modding: Overheating Cameras, , LIDAR, and Based Systems

  3. Feb 8
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  7. Feb 7

    Using a desktop circuit board milling machine to connect to industry-standard soil moisture sensors -- collaborating on R&D for & w/ the illustrious

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  8. Feb 7
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  10. Feb 7

    Just submitted the open source documentation of the CubeFactory2 () to the ! Happy to bring some new out there!

  11. Feb 5
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    I noticed some folks were asking, If not VPNs, then what? Servers use webauthn, users get a 2FA hardware key. I'm liking the new Solo Keys (FIDO2 / U2F, , , $20 at Amazon, works with Google/Twitter/Facebook/Dropbox/GitHub/etc)

  12. Feb 5
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    FYI, if you do some searching, a few hackers have found that they can at least partially control Cricut machines using Arduino or Raspberry Pi controllers. And the legal enforcers at Cricut have no legal way to prevent it.

  13. Feb 5
  14. Feb 5

    I support this idea, but it doesn't go far enough. All government funded research, whether hardware, software or patents, should be under a public license.

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  15. Feb 5

    All non transparent, proprietary hardware too

  16. Feb 4

    /Modding: 3D-Printed Stuff, Leap Motion's Project North Star, ESP32 Webcam and More

  17. Feb 3

    : Multi-Radio Router 4 autonomy & technological sovereignty. not profitable for hdwr biz, their gear not adequate. To manufacture equipment you have to understand user needs.

  18. Feb 3

    Interested how to design PCB with crazy shapes using ? Great talk at CAD & Open Hardware devroom 2019

  19. Feb 3

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