Lydia Wanyoto on the Kampala Geopolitics Conference
Kampala Geopolitics Conference 2018
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It's just a blessing to the African countries its operating in but the problem is that a few recogni...ze it. Another thing is that it should be made aware even to the people in up country Mehr anzeigen
Kondrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Uganda & South Sudan is a blessing in my life. Had it not been for Kondrad...-Adenauer-Stiftung, I would not have completed my 2nd Diploma since I did not have a reliable source of income at that time. The Diploma enabled me to register for a Degree and now I am pursuing my Masters Degree. Long Live Kondrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. God Bless all those associated with it. Mehr anzeigen
Its not that everyone will be able to come out and air their views or have a chance to a say in pub...lic therefore its only through social media that many can do. Mehr anzeigen

Thank you James Akena for your support in inspiring the next generation of professional media players in Uganda and beyond.

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The last day of the 1st Fellowship Week: Our fellows have been exposed to photography and photojournalism by the legendary Akena James of the Reuters. He spent ...half of the day and after this exposure our fellows say they have a good understanding of the basics of camera work, photography and photojournalism. Thank you so much James! Pius Gyagenda on camera.

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We just concluded our political leadership advancement workshop with youth leaders in Jinja District focusing on political economy analysis, civic engagement and advocacy. The project is brought in partnership with University Forum on Governance.

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