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We work to achieve sustainable development in Africa through promotion of scientific research, education + more. Check out our website for more details.

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    Jan 31

    My husband in his element with electron microscopy, we successfully concluded our education program in Africa

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    Jan 17

    As part of my fellowships with and , we are asking researchers what is the equipment situation @ their labs/institutions! The survey takes <10 minutes and you could win a book about ! Fill it out here:

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    23 Dec 2018

    My lab is recruiting a postdoc to study the processing of natural underwater scenes in zebrafish and African cichlids. The project involves video capture in India and Zambia, behavioral analyses, and population calcium imaging. Retweets would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    22 Dec 2018

    The latest Sci-Hub working domain(Last check time:2018-12-23 01:13:01) Retweet to your friends,help us become stronger!

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    19 Dec 2018

    We’re sponsoring the Workshop on Alternative Models and Openness in Neuroscience, a pre program that explores alternative approaches for research and Open Science. Apply before Dec. 21 to take part!

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    7 Dec 2018

    Muchísimas gracias a y por esta entrevista. Si queréis saber un poco más de lo que hago tanto en como en 🔊👇🏼

  7. 28 Nov 2018
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    19 Oct 2018

    Our Tanzanian Business Development team did great work during their first meeting. The met with DDCA, a government drilling company. The were able to set up meeting with multiple local stakeholders involved with clean water provision. is necessary!

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    15 Sep 2018

    We showed that olfaction follows the same rules as visual and auditory object recognition.

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    15 Sep 2018

    Care to know how Drosophila use stimulus onset delay for olfactory object recognition? Check out our preprint

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    21 Jul 2018

    R & Stats workshop 28-30 Sept 2018 in Antananarivo with et al. Registration until 19 August!

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    16 Jul 2018

    Majico will be working in Dar Es Salaam this coming October. We are recruiting students to work with us over 3 weeks! Apply here

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    8 Jul 2018

    Founder and Director of giving talk @ Global advocacy networking reception organizd by – at Citycube

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    6 Jul 2018

    TReND represented at @YASE in Toulouse. Engaging with young to drive & in

  15. 6 Jul 2018

    TReND represented at @YASE in Toulouse. Engaging with young to drive & in

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    5 Jul 2018

    : "African on the Global Stage: Nigeria as a Model" by et al. – evaluating Nigeria’s publications over the past 2 decades.

  17. 28 Apr 2018

    Last day of the Advanced Open Labware Workshop. After the final presentation of the projects, it’s time for a group picture…and a jump shot too!

  18. 27 Apr 2018

    Beehive monitoring project field test

  19. 27 Apr 2018

    Putting the projects together after 2 weeks of hard work

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    27 Apr 2018

    Andre celebrating his birthday at the Advance Open Lab ware workshop......"his short speech displayed his happiness to celebrate while doing what he loves" (my summary)


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