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  1. Jan 25

    We're grateful for as they provide rural and urban innovators a new point of entrance through open technology. This is key for the digital generational to prosper and empower others.

  2. 26 Dec 2018

    With , I believe young people stand a better chance of gaining essential skills and even creating employment for themselves, things can only get better from here!

  3. 25 Dec 2018

    As we wrap up 2018, we'd like to wish a happy holidays to all our partners, networks and community.. From us at Platform Africa

  4. 8 Dec 2018

    While passing through Kampala, we are taking the chance to visite by with expanding

  5. 6 Dec 2018

    Innovation is always great when it's in the hands of passionate and dedicated people. Support girls in innovation for sustainable development and lasting peace in .

  6. 5 Dec 2018

    Being at has been an eye opener to the possibilities that and hold, learning and serving the community simultaneously, what better way to work towards better communities

  7. 29 Nov 2018

    Another critical point where the comes handy is repair ... Today is the 2nd day of our repair café in Rhino Camp refugee settlement and before start, we already have a number of people with broken phones, radios, lamps etc

  8. 8 Nov 2018

    How can we provide everywhere? Eva Yayi Mawa Upele and Abdulmalik Adam are going to host the workshop " - the mobile makerspace in a box" 🔧🧰 @r0g_agency

  9. 21 Sep 2018

    2nd day preps ready for demos and presentation at please join me on the 23sept at Nepal communitare. Futute of rural makerspace.

  10. 7 Aug 2018

    I am stoked that asked me to support the crowdfunding campaign! It’s one of my favorite mobile labs - please share and donate! /cc

  11. 9 Jul 2018

    I’m beyond excited that this is happening! Thanks of for coming to to inspire the crew with I had no idea that my tip to from 2016 would have such awesome consequences 🧚🏼‍♂️

  12. 9 Jul 2018

    . presents his work with on and in utilizing the brilliant to participants of program from

  13. 27 Jun 2018

    : An opportunity to the Global South. talking about and how open science can help with post war conflicts.

  14. 27 Jun 2018

    Great presentation from on , a STEM education kit for students in post-conflict environments like South Sudanese refugee camps. More love for & (note T-shirt!)

  15. 3 May 2018
  16. 3 May 2018

    We need plug and play options to harvest clean energy like solar as we are doing with at

  17. 15 Apr 2018

    . showing us how the Kit works in the wild

  18. 15 Apr 2018

    Stoked for day 3 of - starting with a workshop by plus Jaiksana showing the - in the botanical gardens at KNUST

  19. 14 Apr 2018

    on building senses / data logging using Arduino

  20. 14 Apr 2018

    Jaiksana Jose shares on and and other approaches for knowledge sharing and skills development

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