John Bior Ajang Garang
Bior Ajang Jaden Biorology

I am an independent community peace activist from Bor, South Sudan, currently working with Berlin-based r0g_agency for open culture on the #defyhatenow initiative as a social media correspondent. Helping to counter online incitement to violence in South Sudan I engage myself as a community trainer running youth and peace campaigns off and online throughout my home state of Jonglei. I am also a self-trained solar engineer and DIY advocate - skills and interests i started to learn at the Juba #peacehackcamp in 2015. Since then i participated in open hardware skills workshops as part of the jHUB pioneers community through which I helped develop #ASKotec, the "Access to Skills and Knowledge - Open Technologies Emergency Case" which I hope to share at re:publica and GIG. I believe that my dreams of making South Sudan a great country where all communities come together can be achieved when I associate myself with a united community like GIG! I love peace and I believe one day there is going to be peace in South Sudan. I’m @Biorology!