ojoVoz is an open source platform for the collaborative creation of community memories

ojoVoz consists of an Android mobile app and a web application that allow a group of people to collaboratively create a dynamic, audiovisual documentation about their common interests and concerns.

By using the ojoVoz app, messages consisting of an image, a sound recording, tags and geographic information can be composed and uploaded to a shared website. And, once uploaded, these messages may be browsed, visualized on a map, filtered and edited thanks to the web application. Learn more about ojoVoz by looking at the documentation, and by visiting the projects powered by the platform.

Download the latest version of ojoVoz.
Check out the new features! ojoVoz is available in English, Spanish, Catalan and Kiswahili. Please contact us if you would like to contribute with a new translation.
Main interface
Message manager

You can also download the web application from our GitHub repository and install it on your own server (please check the documentation)

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Download the ojoVoz user manual.

To install the web application on your server, please follow the instructions on the README file. If you don't want to install the web application, you can try out ojoVoz by configuring the mobile app using 'test' as the ID and 'http://sautiyawakulima.net/prueba' as the server. Your messages will appear in the ojoVoz sandbox.

ojoVoz is much more than a software platform: it is also a sociotechnical methodology. Software by itself is not enough to create an enabling space for social interaction. Therefore, a methodology that activates forms of peer-to-peer exchange is needed as well.
Read more about the ojoVoz methodology, also known as the Enabling Reciprocal Voice (ERV) Methodology.

If you are looking for the source code of ojoVoz, please go to our GitHub repository.

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Sauti ya wakulima [video]
Ja moojk jë wyeen
Red de residuos sólidos
Malacachtepec Momoxco

Sauti ya wakulima [close]

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Developed by Eugenio Tisselli
Contacto: info [at] ojovoz [dot] net

Together with

Thanks to Camila Ausente for the video tutorials