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I started this conversation last week and as I mentioned to you, too many thoughts are banging about my mind for me to be sensible. Perhaps as they become clearer, I will write about them. Two things are clear to me today. First, in 2019, I want to be inspired anew. I want to indulge...

The year is 2019 and I have taken a long vacation - the longest in a while. I am just getting back to work and life today and I have many thoughts that are banging about my head - with no specific thread. I was recently asked what my resolutions were and to the chagrin...

The past couple weeks have been important weeks for me. It just so happens that November 2018 is one of my busiest months and I have felt more than a little overwhelmed in the past few days than most days - so much so that it has been difficult to function, to get things done.Being...