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Step-Up Juba Media Lab

Out now – the documentation booklet of the Step-Up Juba Media Lab 2015

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an initiative by r0g_agency and icebauhaus supporting the implementation of a community-based media training centre in Juba, South Sudan. The idea to create a media lab has its roots in the Kapital Movie Industry Corporation (KMIC) collective, an independent group of young designers, film makers, IT professionals and artists who came together to help solve the acute post-independence social, political, educational and environmental challenges which arose through the long-lasting conflicts in South Sudan.


The “Step-Up Juba Media Lab” project is a collaboration between icebauhaus, Kapital Movie Industry Corporation (Juba) and r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation gGmbH (Berlin), funded by the German Federal Ministry of International Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through it’s programme “Support for Media, Access to Information and Freedom of Expression”.


r0g_agency is the Berlin-based non-profit agency for open culture and critical transformation. Initiated in 2012 and founded as a non-profit company (German gGmbH) in September 2013 by Stephen Kovats and Susanne Bellinghausen, r0g_agency comprises a team of open culture specialists active in locations worldwide.

r0g_ thus follows a philosophy of ‘open knowledge for open societies’, with a focus on creating sustainable open systems solutions for post-conflict development. In doing so the r0g_agency acts to put into practice the mechanisms of sustainable open culture methodologies using appropriate and community based resources and technologies including Open Source (i.e. FOSS and Open Hardware), Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Data and related Open ICT4D, DIY and Up-Cycling methodologies.


r0g_agency’s initiatives form the conceptual cornerstone of its work in applying the power and possibilities provided by open systems solutions in addressing the challenges posed by post-conflict transition and rapid societal transformation. These include establishing innovative strategies for open development, creating forums for dialogue, research and exchange, with an aim at realization and implementation of the initiatives with partner organizations, networks and civil society at large. Currently our key activity is on the establishment of an Open Systems Strategy for the new state of South Sudan (#OS SOUTH SUDAN), including #OSJUBA focussing on the issue of post-conflict urbanism, #OSWARRAP to help create open resources for open governance, and #OSBACK, to develop an open source server backbone in the service of facilitating public access to information, data and open knowledge.

proposes to apply the means and methodologies of the international Open Source / FLOSS, free culture, accessible technologies and hacktivist communities in creating a vision for South Sudan. Building a model to be applied in the broader context of an emergent, transparent and participatory democracy Open Systems methodologies also play a crucial role in fusing diverse cultural traditions into existing, established and highly engaged global communities. Within the framework of #OS SOUTH SUDAN we as r0g and our partners and community are working on several projects. read more…

#OSIDP _Humanitarian Open Media Repository
The Humanitarian Open Media Repository / #OSIDP is an initiative to create an easily accessible and rapid use repository and archive of ‘open licensed’ or ‘free to use’ documentary film, video, audio or other forms of digital media work for use by development organizations and CSOs for urgent crisis and humanitarian assistance. read more… 

was a r0g_media event in collaboration with the Embassy of Canada, hosted by the Marshall McLuhan Salon in conjunction with the ‘German-Canadian Arctic Science and Research Conference’. It took place 19.00 | February 29, 2012 at the Marshall McLuhan Salon in the Embassy of Canada Berlin.
read more…

KVA_Kapital Virtual Academy
r0g_media supports and promotes Kapital Virtual Academy (KVA), a Juba based grass-roots film and video training initiative founded by independent film-makers and medical students Lagu Stephen Samuel and Richard Dratu in 2013. By utilizing an Open Source philosophy including the use of OERs (Open Educational Resources), FOSS / open source software and open technologies, KVA aims to build local capacity and community empowerment through the power of film and media production. read more… 


r0g_agency hosts, develops and participates in open culture and critical transformation themed events at home in Berlin and worldwide. Our first major curated_EVENTS, #OSJUBA (Berlin, June 2012), #MMJUBA (Juba, December 2012) and our session at the UNESCO WSIS+10 Review (February 2013) have helped create the framework for our current initiatives on post-conflict development in the Republic of South Sudan.

r0g_curated_EVENTS seek to further the role of open knowledge led solutions employing FOSS, OERs and Open Data in post-conflict development, crisis mitigation and societal transformation scenarios. These are our key independently curated or collaboratively produced public events.

r0g_featured_EVENTS highlight guest contributions to key international conferences, workshops or specialised seminars which support our research and programme trajectory. These have included our contributions to leading international events such as OKconf (Geneva, September 2013), the Summit for Community Wireless Networks (Berlin, October 2013) and ICT4ag (Kigali, November 2013).


Part of our work @ r0g_agency is to research and explore the ways in which open source and its realm of related technologies and methodologies can be applied to a broad spectrum of activities. We seek to fuse the power and resources behind open source and open data into means of active knowledge creation and social empowerment, particularly in societal transformation and post-conflict scenarios.

South Sudan Open Systems
Solutions Research Travel
Download the #OSWARRAP / #OSJUBA / #OSBACK Research Travel Report, undertaken by Stephen Kovats and Clemens Lerche to Juba and Kuajok, South Sudan, Nov. 13 – 28, 2013:


UNESCO hosted the 1st WSIS+10 Review meeting ‘Towards inclusive Knowledge Societies for Peace and Sustainable Development’, Paris, 25-27 February 2013. This first multi-stakeholder review event looked at the WSIS Action Lines’ achievements, and analyzed recent developments as well as forecasts. Recommendations were also made to the post-2015 process. r0g_agency was invited to participate and to lead the session on Open Solutions for Addressing Global Challenges.

Read or download the report:
Full Report
Executive Summary
report’s Appendix of ca. 130 case studies and exemplary projects

r0g @ OKCon 2013
OKCon is the world’s leading open data and open knowledge conference, running since 2005. r0g was invited to talk about ‘#OSSOL – Open Systems Solutions for Peace and Sustainability’ atOKCon 2013 (Geneva, Switzerland on 16th-18th September):

Accompanying slides to the #OSSOL talk @ OKCon 2013:


#OSWARRAP: Open Systems Strategies linking FOSS & Open Knowledge to strengthen agriculture in Warrap State, South Sudan report by Stephen Kovats, Eva Yayi, Eugenio Tisselli.

Within the framework of #MMJUBA the OSJUBA_REPORT and the MMJUBA_OPENSYSTEMS_REPORT by Jodi Rose, Stephen Kovats and Amrit Naresh occured


for open culture and critical transformation gGmbH

r0g_ was incorporated and granted non-profit status in Berlin, Germany, in September 2013.

For more information on r0g_projects and initiatives please contact:

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