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open:fora feminist café – the personal is political !

reported by Blen Desta In May 2019, as part of our week-long “open: fora” event, we began our feminist café journey to exchange ideas and learn from different grassroots projects, causes, and social activism in a small afternoon gathering with friends and colleagues from the open culture community.  Themed ‘the personal is Political’; the feminist…

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open:fora showcases how open source can foster peacebuilding and sustainable development

open:fora was conceived by r0g_agency & OSEG both as an artistic action and as an open street meet welcoming the whole neighborhood. The event was funded by Guerrilla Foundation, a Berlin based organization that supports activists and grassroots movements in Europe. The organizers sought with this event to open the doors to grassroots change actors in Berlin and across all continents.

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open:fora – the open culture street meet!

Hosted by r0g_agency and OSEGDate: between 04.05 – 09.5.19Venue: openculture_officeKnobelsdorffstr. 2214059 BerlinProgramm: Welcome to open:fora weeklong neighbourhood open culture street meet, in Berlin’s deep West. In times of increasing illiberal democracy (Orbàn), upload filters and Exiteering the pressures on our freedoms to act, share culture and make voices heard, reinforces the urgency to act…

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