ABC (Association des blogueurs du Cameroun) is an association of bloggers and contributors working towards promoting the image of Cameroon and supporting fellow writers through education and community.

Adisi Cameroon focuses on issues surrounding access to information and freedom of expression, with the goal of giving Cameroonians easy access to data and verified information through their open data platform, Data Cameroon.

AfricaOSH is a community of people interested in open science and hardware as a means of creating locally adaptable technologies that will foster economic growth in Africa.

AKPC (Africa Knowledge and Policy Centre) is a Cameroon-based research organization working to increase knowledge, shape policy, and inspire bold action around critical development issues in Africa.

Andariya is a bilingual digital cultural platform from, and on, Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda. Andariya strives to be a pioneering, innovative, multi-media platform for contemporary issues and edutainment.

Art360 Kibera is a visual art gallery located in the heart of Nairobi’s Kibera slums. The gallery nurtures young artists born and raised in the slums, by providing them a platform for their work.

bengo has been providing advice and support to German non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for more than 25 years as an advice center for questions relating to development project work in developing countries.

Canada's embassy in Berlin is one of four diplomatic representations in Germany, providing assistance to Canadians and engaging in trade promotion and investment relations.

Civic Watch is a community-based organization registered in Cameroon as a non-profit youth led group. Its main goal is community mobilisation to counter hateful rhetoric among young people both online and offline.

CTEN Uganda is committed to raising awareness, fostering empowerment, and promoting peace among refugees and host communities in northern Uganda through increased access and improved use of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Data Cameroon is a Cameroon-based organization that provides the french-speaking civil society with data, statistics, and fact-checking in order to combat disinformation. They are a part of Adisi Cameroon.

#defyhatenow was created in response to the way social media was being used to fan the conflict that erupted in South Sudan. A community-based organization, defyhatenow South Sudan has been legally registered in Juba, South Sudan.

Democracy Next Level is an initiative of the student working group City Next Level at the University of Stuttgart.

They connect neighbors - and neighborhoods with local politics through interactive displays.

The Disruption Network Lab, based in Berlin, hosts events and promotes research focused on the intersection of politics, technology, and society, with the objective of strengthening freedom of speech, and exposing the misconduct and wrongdoing of the powerful.

Engagement Global is the central contact agency in Germany for development policy initiatives, both at a national and international level, with the aim of actively promoting a fair global coexistence.

The Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) is the foreign ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany, a federal agency responsible for both the country's foreign policy and its relationship with the European Union. It is a cabinet-level ministry.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) aims to strengthen the development capacity of African states and partners with those societies and the private sector, including supporting the work of NGOs, to implement projects where they are most needed.

The Gambian National Youth Council was established by an act of parliament in 2000 to coordinate, facilitate, supervise, register youth organizations, and advise the government of The Gambia on how best to mobilize and direct youth energy towards national development.

GIG (Global Innovation Gathering) is a global network of social and technological innovators, pursuing a new vision for global cooperation based on equality, openness, and sharing.

The GIZ (die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) is a German development agency that provides services in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development and work in the field of education.

GoGirls ICT is a Juba, South Sudan based nonprofit founded by a group of dedicated young women in the fields of computer science, hacktivism, and peacebuilding.

The Guerrilla Foundation helps activists and grassroots movements work towards creating a democratic society that fosters more liveable urban and rural spaces, based on the values of sustainability, equality, and fairness.

Hive Colab is an open, community-owned innovation and incubation hub offering co-working spaces, reliable internet, and a space to collaborate for young tech entrepreneurs in Kampala.

Hyrac Tech is a social tech company that is focused on empowering people with the resources and education they need to succeed in the digital generation.

icebauhaus is the German partner in the international ice network of greentech & social innovation hubs. icebauhaus is geared towards a bottom-up strategy that combines both local and international trends with state-of-the-art technological developments.

ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) is Germany's oldest intermediary organisation for international cultural relations, supporting artistic and cultural exchange through exhibitions, dialogue, and conferences.

Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (Transparency International Deutschland e.V.) brings together relevant players from government, civil society, business, and the media to promote transparency in elections, in public administration, in procurement, and in business.

Junub Open Space is a community-based educational space that fosters peacebuilding among youth in South Sudan through training, access to technology, and peer networks.


Kiezbündnis Klausenerplatz e.V. is a Berlin - Charlottenburg based association that aims to realization initiatives that serve the promotion of art and culture, environmental protection, local history as well as help for political, racial or religious persecutees, refugees and displaced persons.

kiez logog

The initiative "Kiez gegen Rassismus" of the Kiezbündnis Klausenerplatz e.V. was founded in 2021 to prevent racism and exclusion in our neighbourhood (Berlin / Charlottenburg). The initiative organizes cultural events, discussions and trainings.

Konnektiv is a Berlin-based agency working at the intersection of technology, collaboration, and social development. They design, manage, and evaluate ICT development projects, advise on digital strategy, provide training, and program software solutions.

London College of Communication offers a dynamic learning community through which to explore the power of storytelling, develop a career, and make a difference in society.

LOYOCO (Local Youth Corner Cameroon) works on preventing and countering violent extremism, promoting youth leadership and personality development, and supporting peacebuilding and conflict prevention.

MboaLab fosters local, sustainable development through open science. The lab provides education, serves as a collaborative space for exchange, mediates between communities and academia, raises awareness, and facilitates access to basic health care.

Nalo Solutions is a mobile content solutions provider in Ghana, offering bulk SMS and content USSD services.

Open Source Ecology Germany enables a sustainable way of life by creating an Open Source Economy through free access to self made means of production.

PACJA (Panafrican Climate Justice Alliance) is a consortium of over 1000 organizations from 48 African countries working towards advancing a people-centered, right-based, just, and inclusive approach to addressing climate-change and environmental challenges.

In ‘Partnerschaften für Demokratie’ (Partnerships for Democracy), cities, municipalities and districts throughout Germany develop local strategies for action to strengthen democracy and diversity and counter any form of group-based hostility.

Platform Africa is a youth-run nonprofit founded in the Rhino camp refugee settlement in Uganda. Its aim is to engage and empower communities through media, education, and technology in order to create more equitable, informed, and resilient refugee societies.

Rights for Peace is a UK-based human rights organization working to prevent mass atrocity crimes in fragile states by collaborating with local organizations, providing unifying language, useful normative frameworks, and intervention tools able to address root causes of conflicts.

Straw Academy, based in Cameroon, fosters economic development by inspiring youth-led entrepreneurship, nurturing solution-oriented start-ups into scalable and sustainable enterprises, and encouraging women-led, peace-inspired start-ups.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) is a specialized agency of the United Nations based in Paris. It seeks to build peace through international cooperation in education, the sciences, and culture.

YEF (Youth Empowerment Foundation) is a community-oriented innovation hub located in the Adjumani district of Uganda. Its focusing is on peer-to-peer tutoring and skill sharing.

You-Net (Youth Network for Human Rights and Democracy) is an organization in Ghana that works to create opportunities for young people to get engaged in local government and support peacebuilding and conflict prevention policies.

YSAT (Youth Social Advocacy Team) is a youth-led community-based nonprofit based in the Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement in Uganda. YSAT aims to support peaceful coexistence between various refugee communities in the settlement.