AoPJUBA Architecture of Peace Juba

CBO Community based organization

CSO Civil society organizations

defyhatenow Mitigating Online Hate & Violence | #defyhatenow (project page)

DoDevDif Doing Development Differently

DIY Do It Yourself

DIWO Do it With Others

FOSS Free and Open Source Software

ICT4D Internet and Communication Technology for Development

IDP  Internally Displaced Persons

jHUB Juba Open Knowledge and Innovation Hub

OER Open Educational Resources

OLG  Open Learning Guide 

OHG  Open Hardware Guide

ojoVoz “eye – voice”, Android app for knowledge base creation | ojoVoz (project page)

OSBACK Open Server Backbone

OSJUBA  Open Systems Juba (Open Urbanism)

OSMaLibre  Open Systems Mali Libre - Youth Innovation Exchange

OSIDP  Open Systems for IDPs - Humanitarian Open Media Repository

OSSOL Open Systems Solutions for Peace and Sustainability | #OSSOL (event page)

PoC  Protection of Civilians (site)

r0g_ one who applies innovation, independence of thought in conjunction with unconventional or non-conformist methodologies for societal progress

STEAM  Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics

Tech4Life Technology For Life (STEAM education)

UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNMISS  United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan