#ASKnet - Access to Skills and Knowledge Network

#ASKotec - Access to Skills and Knowledge open tech emergency case

#AoPJUBA -  Architecture of Peace Juba

CBO - Community based organization

CSO - Civil society organizations

#defyhatenow Field Guide Social Media Hate Speech Mitigation - Field Guide 

#defyhatenow -  Mitigating Online Hate & Violence | #defyhatenow (project website)

#DoDevDif  - Doing Development Differently

DIY -  Do It Yourself

DIWO -  Do it With Others

FOSS -  Free and Open Source Software

ICT4D -  Internet and Communication Technology for Development

IDP  -  Internally Displaced Persons

jHUB - Juba Open Knowledge and Innovation Hub

#MMN - migrant media network (project website)

#OCFC - Open Cultural Feminst Cafe

#ODG - Open Source Documentation Guide

#OEROpen Educational Resources

#OHG - Open Hardware Guide

ojoVoz -“eye – voice”, Android app for knowledge base creation | ojoVoz (project page)

#OLGOpen Learning Guide 

open:fora - the open cultural street meet

OSBACK - Open Server Backbone

OSJUBA  - Open Systems Juba (Open Urbanism)

OSMaLibre  -Open Systems Mali Libre - Youth Innovation Exchange

OSIDP - Open Systems for IDPs - Humanitarian Open Media Repository

OSSOL - Open Systems Solutions for Peace and Sustainability | #OSSOL (event page)

#OTG - Open Training Guide


PoC -  Protection of Civilians (site)

r0g_  - one who applies innovation, independence of thought in conjunction with unconventional or non-conformist methodologies for societal progress

STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics

Tech4Life  - Technology For Life (STEAM education)

UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNMISS - United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan

Wikipedia - Peace Sprint