annual report 2022

The r0g_agency works towards:

  • Nurturing peacebuilding while working to mitigate online hate speech and incitement to violence.
  • Supporting open access to information and creating open educational materials, ensuring knowledge is readily available to all.
  • Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, laying the foundation for self-sustaining communities and individual empowerment.

The r0g_agency is committed to fostering and valuing diversity in all of its forms, promoting gender-equality, and creating inclusive, affirming work environments.

annual report 2021

In 2021 the r0g_agency’s focus was to continue to support our three ongoing projects: #ASKnet, #MMN, and #defyhatenow.

Each of these projects work towards the r0g_agency’s commitment to fostering open knowledge, open technology, and peacebuilding around the world.

Our goal is to partner with and empower local communities in order to bring about positive change. We do this by providing the tools and trainings needed in those areas.

The long-term goal is to equip local organizations with the skills and tools needed to run community-supporting programs that are both self-sustaining and beneficial to their local and regional communities.

annual report 2020

Our work focuses on three areas: Access to Knowledge, Access to Open Technologies, and Peacebuilding.

We implement our projects together with local groups, networks, partner organizations and governments.

Our goal is to empower communities to solve problems and create a peaceful society where people can freely develop their potential.