Annual report 2020

Our work focuses on three areas: Access to Knowledge, Access to Open Technologies, and Peacebuilding.

We implement our projects together with local groups, networks, partner organizations and governments.

Our goal is to empower communities to solve problems and create a peaceful society where people can freely develop their potential.

Where we work

Highlights from r0g_projects 2020


(Access to Skills and Knowledge Network)

The 2020 project objective was to strengthen the content and organization of the six #ASKnet hubs in South Sudan and Northern Uganda in order to strengthen freedom of expression and media freedom and to ensure access to information.

During two training sessions, the trainers of the hubs met and deepened their knowledge of organization, didactics, the creation and use of teaching materials, and media literacy.

The joint training sessions strengthened the network of the hubs and the exchange between the members.

#MMN_migrant media network

The 2020 project goal was to involve the diaspora community. Ghanaians living in Germany were trained as trainers, who in turn trained others as Trainers of Trainers (ToT) in Ghana.

The diaspora trainers are an important part of the #MMN project as they bring the information to their often remote home regions, are credible, committed and convincing.

The long-term goal is to build a network of trainers in remote regions of Ghana so that as many people as possible can access life-saving information on migration - for example, through #MMN regulars.

The format, which has already been established in 2019, offers the opportunity to talk openly about irregular migration and the associated dangers.


#defyhatenow Cameroon

The 2020 project objective was to curb disinformation and disseminate accurate information. The #defyhatenow team in Cameroon organized workshops with politicians, journalists and activists on the topic of hate speech and disinformation in cooperation with local partners. For this, #defyhatenow Cameroon developed freely accessible resources, including the "Social Media Hate Speech Mitigation Field Guide" in English and French.

Background: In the course of the Covid 19 pandemic, disinformation was deliberately spread to further fuel the conflict in Cameroon.

#defyhatenow Ethiopia

The 2020 project objective was to curb hate speech (Hate Speech) in the Benishangul-Gumuz region in order to enable and support peacebuilding initiatives.

Background: The Ethiopian region of Benishangul-Gumuz borders Sudan. People's daily lives are marked by tensions between different population groups. There is no concerted peacebuilding initiative or sustainable development strategies. At the same time, social media are used by numerous groups and individuals at home and abroad to further fuel the conflict. The spread of hate speech and incitement to violence on social media repeatedly lead to attacks and violent clashes between members of the diaspora.


r0g_Events 2020

We regularly organize roundtable discussions, workshops, and trainings in the areas of peace building, curbing hate speech, creating secure and reliable information sources on migration issues, and Open Knowledge.

A list of events that took place in 2020:

#OCF Open Culture Feminist Café - March 2020
#MMN Diaspora Workshop - August 2020
#peacejam2020 - September 2020
#defyhatenow Field Guide Launch Cameroon - November 2020
#defyhatenow Workshops 2020
#MMN Regulars' Table 2020
#ASKotec Repair Cafés 2020


#MMN Field Guide Kit

The #MMN Social Media & Migration Field Guide Kit is designed for training and consulting potential migrants. The #MMN Field Guide Kit is suitable for both experienced trainers and beginners.

The goal is to empower potential migrants to make informed and conscious decisions.

#defyhatenow Cameroon Field Guide Kit

Guide to mitigating hate speech on social media [2019-2020 pilot edition].

The #defyhatenow Cameroon Field Guide provides tools and strategies for peace building and mitigating hate speech. Organizations, educators, groups, and communities can use it for workshops, online campaigns, and offline discussions.

r0g_agency Newsletter

During the Corona pandemic, we too had to break new communication ground and think of events in a new and digital way. And it worked, both for big events like the global #peacejam and for small ones like our weekly team meetings.

We have also tried out new ways to stay in touch with supporters and interested parties. For example via newsletter. Click here for the first digital r0g newsletter.

Open Source Documentation Guide (#OSD)

As part of the #ASKnet - Access to Skills and Knowledge in South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya project, r0g_agency has developed an Open Skills Guide: The Open Source Documentation Guide (#OSD) shows strategies to document projects in an easy and understandable way to share and improve them.


"Peace Ark Ma Guitare" - Spoken words by Stephane Mebonde & Mac Alunge on the occasion of World Peace Day 2020.

  • Produced by Strawacademy
  • In partnership with #defyhatenow and UNESCO's Multisectoral Office for Central Africa.
  • Sponsored by the German Federal Foreign Office

Makers' Mobility: Interview with Stephen Kovats from r0g_agency

What do Makers need to be able to successfully implement projects? That's what Makery, a Paris-based organization, wanted to know and published the MakersXchange (MAX) interview series. Among the experts interviewed: Stephen Kovats, co-founder of r0g_agency.

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