Our projects align within one of the three categories:
Open Technology  & Open Knowledge and & Peacebuilding

r0g_agency’s projects form the conceptual cornerstone of its work in applying the power and possibilities provided by open systems solutions in addressing the challenges posed by post-conflict transition and rapid societal transformation. These include establishing innovative strategies for open development, creating forums for dialogue, research and exchange, with an aim at realization and implementation of the projects with partner organizations, networks and civil society at large.



#defyhatenow is a grassroots community peacebuilding, training and conflict reconciliation project aiming to strengthen the voices and support the actions of peace & youth oriented civil society organisations.
It aims to raise awareness of and develop means to mitigate social media based hate speech, conflict rhetoric and online incitement to violence.

#defyhatenow seeks to support those voices acting against the conflict to go ‘viral’ within and outside the country – also bringing the Diaspora into the online peace building framework, bridging gaps of knowledge and awareness of social media mechanisms between those with access to technology and those without.

For more information visit defyhatenow.org


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#MMM - migrant media network

#MMN provides young Africans with reliable information and training on migration issues and social media to make informed decisions and be aware of safer migration options to Europe.

The Initiative promotes youth entrepreneurship at home as a way to build economic and social resilience, encouraging youth to create their own opportunities and work within their communities.

For more information visit : migrantmedia.network
MMN Resources: https://migrantmedia.network/mmn_resources/
MMN Field Guide: https://migrantmedia.network/mmnfieldguide/
MMN Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migrantmedianetwork/
USSD system *920*45#: https://www.facebook.com/migrationchoices

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#ASKnet=Access to Skill and Knowledge Netwrok

#ASKnet (Access to Skills and Knowledge Network) is a capacity building and hub development program linking five community based youth-led innovation hubs in South Sudan and Uganda.

The #ASKnet community aims to build a sustainable network of trainers and empowered individuals, to address specific challenges their communities are facing and transform cultural patterns that fuel conflict and inequality. It does so by providing youth access to skills and knowledge through Training of Trainers (ToT) workshops in themes including open source hardware and software using the #ASKotec, entrepreneurship, media production, gender equality awareness, trauma healing and financial literacy.

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