The use of ICTs and open data are intended to act as implementation triggers for the open systems projects being developed in and for Warrap State in order to see and effectively create viable examples of what can be done on the ground in one of the most challenging post-conflict and nascent civil society contexts. In the spirit of multi-stakeholder collaboration, the #OSWARRAP initiative aims to bring together governmental and civil society organizations as well as Warrap citizens including farming and pastoralist communities, engaging them in a dialogue about the ways in which open systems solutions and their implementation can help in mitigating the state’s identified key challenge areas…

→ read the #OSWARRAP: Open Systems Strategies linking FOSS & Open Knowledge to strengthen agriculture in Warrap State, South Sudan report

With reference to the r0g_‘Open System Strategies’ research trip in November 2013, working with local students, officials, NGOs and other members of the community, in addition to the more broad, and introductory or in-depth training in ‘open systems solutions’ we are discussing projects on the grassroots AND the policy level for Warrap (and South Sudan). These can be scaled and implemented in a number of different scenarios, and directly reflect interests and education / training related questions and challenges that were brought up during our recent discussions with local stakeholders and governments. Each is based on a specific element of Open Systems principles or tools, and aimed at knowledge and creative resource development that can reach a broad spectrum of people with varied levels of skills. Besides #OSBACK and #OSWARRAP we present roughly the two implementable, doable and relevant projects #OpenCRC and the WARRAP WIKIPEDIA SPRINT.