The Open Cultures Resource Center a network
for open knowledge training in South Sudan

As part of the conclusions and observations that followed r0g_agency’s November 2013 discussions in Warrap State and in Juba, the recurring issues observed are that there is simply too little access to valuable, available, and in most cases, free and public domain information, regardless of the availability of internet services. There is a great potential for the development of a mechanism that can effectively and as a ‘community-owned’ resource, impart information, services and training in open systems solutions that are aimed specifically at enabling and securing peace, stability and development. The idea of an ‘Open Cultures Resource’ centre, or central support base located within communities as a form of open resource ‘extension services’ facility to cater to all sectors could be such a place. This could be an immensely strategic and cost-effective investment to aid training and development in a wide variety of fields across the country.
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