#MMN- Migrant Media Network Toolkit featured on YENNA_IOM

written by Olumide Olufemi

YENNA is the International Organization for Migration’s online learning platform on community engagement for the promotion of safe migration. It is designed to help experts in the creation of better activities and to increase the active participation of communities on migration-related topics. What I find interesting about this learning platform is that it features a variety of contents and approaches on how to work on promoting safe migration on a community level. The contents are completely free and available for all. By all, this means that all experts and organisations working on the promotion of safe migration which includes community engagement practitioners from NGOs, migrant associations, community-based organisations and other UN agencies.  

What exactly can be discovered about #MMN on YENNA?  

There are selections of articles, educational materials, free online courses, podcasts and of course the #MMN toolkit! The #MMN toolkit is the first toolkit to be featured on the YENNA and is currently present on the website. The toolkit is designed to tackle migration misinformation by the Migrant Media Network. 

What is included in the #MMN toolkit and what makes it important when it comes to the goal of YENNA? 

The #MMN toolkit includes the #MMNApp which is an online app used in accessing information regarding decision making, goal setting, visa applications, studying abroad, the dangers faced by women in irregular migration, and related topics which is in line with the promotion of safe migration and community engagement. The app can also be used offline once downloaded. Another #MMN toolkit is the USSD system with dialling codes (in Ghana and the Gambia) that can be used to access information. There is also the Smart Migration Guide used by facilitators for training in rural communities. It can also be used by individuals as a guide. The smart migration guide is easy to read and understand with images and graphics. In addition to this, it can be downloaded as a soft copy on mobile phones, tablets or laptops. 

The USSD system with dialling codes in Ghana and the Gambia that can be used to access information on migration. 

An image of the game being played in The Gambia and being presented in Ghana  

Last but not the least is the #MMN Game featured on YENNA. The Think carefully, move safely board game is a very fun, interesting, as well as an educative game designed to allow people engage in discussions about migration-related topics and the rumours associated with it.  

To discover more about #MMN toolkit’s feature on YENNA by IOM, visit: https://www.yenna.org/en/discover/toolkit-designed-tackle-migration-misinformation