#MMN Smart Migration Guide

The #MMN Smart Migration Guide offers information, discussion topics, and resources to be used by trainers and potential migrants to learn about the impact and consequences of migration. The guide is designed to support individuals in clarifying their goals and in making informed, safer migration decisions.

A large, two-sided poster. One side of the poster is designed as a quick reference guide and summarizes a few topics covered in the Smart Migration Guide.

On the other side of the poster, there is a game called Think carefullymove safely. The game is designed to foster fun and community, while also having players learn about migration-related topics.

As part of the game, there are Truth or Lie cards. These cards have a Truth or Lie? question on the front and list the correct answer on the back. They allow players to discuss rumors regarding migration.

An enclosed USB stick contains an electronic version of the Smart Migration Guide, the Poster, the Truth or Lie Cards, a document that contains the Links to Migration Resources mentioned in the Smart Migration Guide, as well as additional materials that will help you facilitate workshops in situations when access to the internet is not available.

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Susanne Bellinghausen
Project Manager



Sara Budarz
Communications Manager