Open Systems Strategies for Peace and Development in Warrap State
As a first step towards a comprehensive ‘Open Systems Strategy’ within the #OSJUBA – Open Sourcing South Sudan Initiative, the country’s largest federal state Warrap has embarked on #OSWARRAP (Open Systems for Warrap State), as a model or pilot initiative to empower citizens, and strengthen peace and security through open source technologies and methodologies, open data and open government principles.→ read more

Interview with Governor of Warrap State Ms.Nyandeng Malek Dielic, Stephen Kovats (r0g) and Adam Thomas (Sourcefabric)

Background Video and Knowledge Base Pilot (July-Sept 2013)
Transforming Crisis into Opportunity: Warrap State’s Vision for an Open Future’

A biographical sketch about Warrap State and the critical challenges it faces for defining its future – being produced as a collaboration with Kapital Movie, CEPO and Warrap State Gov’t, with logistical assistance provided by UNMISS. → read more

Initial context images from Warrap State capital Kuajoc, Toc Akol Aher and Awudhorkou Wunrok Payam cattle camp….

Following structures developed by the Open Government Partnership and other leading open systems organisations including FOSSFA (Free and Open Software Foundation for Africa), the Open Knowledge Foundation and UNESCO’s Open Educational Resources framework, she intends to address her state’s challenges through participatory conflict management and harness open technologies to strengthen governance and the process of creating a stable and prosperous democratic entity to the advantage of all the citizens of Warrap State. → read more