Humanitarian Open Media Repository #OSIDP

The Humanitarian Open Media Repository / #OSIDP is an initiative to create an easily accessible and rapid use repository and archive of ‘open licensed’ or ‘free to use’ documentary film, video, audio or other forms of digital media work for use by development organizations and CSOs for urgent crisis and humanitarian assistance. Currently in an ’embryonic’ state, the idea for the #OSIDP was initiated by the UNESCO South Sudan team’s call for copyright-free documentary films to support their “urgent psychosocial activities in the Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps, as well as the Protection of Civilians (PoC) sites of UNMISS (UN Mission in South Sudan)”.

Due to the conflict that erupted on December 15, 2013 between South Sudan’s two leading political rivals, tens of thousands of civilians have been displaced by outbursts of intensive fighting that has spread to numerous communities across the country. What began as a violent political clash has now been exacerbated into what could be a return to ethnic and inter-communal conflict.

Being sought are movies, clips, documentaries etc. that promote dialogue, tolerance, the mitigation of conflicts and cultural diversity that can be used without copyright infringement issues. Optimally all the works in this targeted collection would be creative commons licensed for free use, distribution and attribution (i.e. CC BY NC). The full range of copyright free licenses and their forms of use can found and downloaded at creative commons.

In its initial manifestation the #OSIDP has been meant as an urgent and rapid-action initiative for UNESCO’s support to humanitarian relief efforts by NGOs and IOs. For this implementation, the works will be downloaded, presented, moderated and translated as needed in South Sudan’s IDP and PoC sites. While all age groups and backgrounds are aimed at, the biggest target group in this initial deployment are youths.

A first compilation for immediate use in the UNMISS PoC camps has been completed on January 28, 2014. The released works include documentaries submitted from South Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Somalia, Jordan and Mexico. The next step will be to formalize the use, structure and interaction criteria for the #OSIDP and bring it online for humanitarian relief assistance worldwide as soon as possible.

If you would like to submit CC licensed works for consideration in the #OSIDP, or even if you are the rights holder to copyrighted material and are willing to waive the copyright for this purpose, please contact us via ‘info at r0g-media dot org‘.