r0g_agency hosts, develops and participates in open culture and critical transformation themed events at home in Berlin and worldwide. Our first major curated_EVENTS, #OSJUBA (Berlin, June 2012), #MMJUBA (Juba, December 2012) and our session at the UNESCO WSIS+10 Review (February 2013) have helped create the framework for our current initiatives on post-conflict development in the Republic of South Sudan.


Curated events

r0g_curated_EVENTS seek to further the role of open knowledge led solutions employing FOSS, OERs and Open Data in post-conflict development, crisis mitigation and societal transformation scenarios. These are our key independently curated or collaboratively produced public events.

Key r0g_ conferences, workshops, exhibitions or discussions curated independently, or in collaboration with our partners in conjunction with leading international open culture events.

Featured events

r0g_featured_EVENTS highlight guest contributions to key international conferences, workshops or specialised seminars which support our research and programme trajectory. These have included our contributions to leading international events such as OKconf (Geneva, September 2013), the Summit for Community Wireless Networks (Berlin, October 2013) and ICT4ag (Kigali, November 2013).




May 6, 2024

Jemen: Vom arabischen Frühling zum internationalen Stellvertreterkrieg

April 22, 2024

WORKSHOP: #blacklivesmatter!

March 6, 2024

DIASPORA DIALOGUES: Cameroon youth at the crossroads of crisis, roles and perspectives of Cameroonian Diaspora youth.

February 20, 2024

Dissertation result presentation: Merga Yonas “Digital Public Sphere – Perspectives of the African Diaspora”.

January 18, 2024

Cameroon Diaspora Dialogues Panel Discussion

September 6, 2023

Women Game-Changers in the Digital Arts Shifted Paradigms between East and West

September 4, 2023

Feminist Resistance Beyond Borders for Freedom, Peace and Justice

June 2, 2023

JamNOrassismus; A jamming session against Racism!

April 4, 2023

Migrant Media Network holds training of trainers to discuss verifying migrant messaging

September 1, 2020

International Women’s Day Feminist Café: SHE RHYMES!

March 12, 2020

DOTS The Impact Summit: Entrepreneurs from all over the world gather in Kenya to co-create open source local solutions to global issues

January 7, 2020

Keynote Talk by Fortune Agbele – Migrant Media Network Public Presentation

December 20, 2019

#MMN_Migrant Media Presentation 2019

November 19, 2019

Workshop: Migrant Media Network (Ghana)

July 9, 2019

#PeaceJam18 online for UN World Peace Day

September 15, 2018

Workshop: Using ojoVoz to #defyhatenow in South Sudan

November 8, 2016

#defyhatenow social media #PeaceJam16

September 21, 2016

Tech4Life in Karachi

March 11, 2016

#DoDevDif – Doing Development Differently

January 22, 2015


Part 1 - May 9th, 2024, 6pm: Navigating Bamenda with Nduku Louis Tebi

Part  2- June 10th, 2024, 6pm: Navigating Bamenda with Mbuh Stella

Please join us in Navigating Bamenda, a two-part #defyhatenow series featuring youth leader Nduku Louis Tebi and journalist Mbuh Stella. The events will be moderated by Decolonialism Policy Advisor, Valerie Viban, at r0g_agency’s OPEN CULTURE OFFICE in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

r0g_agency welcomes two special guests, both award winning activist peacebuilders fighting disinformation, youth extremism and online incitement to violence in Cameroon’s conflict-ridden North West Region. Bamenda, once known as Cameroon’s ‘City of the Future’ is the country’s third largest urban area, crippled for close to a decade by a vicious separatist insurgency.


Yemen: From the Arab Spring to International Proxy War

25.  April 2024  6:00pm - 8:00pm
an IN PERSON only event

We invite our friends and colleagues to an evening discussion with Berlin based Yemeni activists on Thursday, April 25th, 18.00 at the r0g_agency’s OPEN CULTURE OFFICE, Knobelsdorffstr. 22, 14059 Berlin-Charlottenburg. The discussion will be moderated by PhD anthropologist Jonas Ecke, who worked in Yemen in the field of humanitarian assistance in 2022. The event, which will be held unter the Chatham House Rule, is in connection to the photo exhibition by Jonas Ecke, "Yemen: 'Arabia Felix' in the Crossfire of Geopolitics" in the Leichten Bau Gallery (Knobelsdorffstr. 23) across the street from the Open Culture Office.

WORKSHOP: #blacklivesmatter!
Solidarität lernen, leben, weitergeben

AKTIONSWOCHEN GEGEN RASSISMUS Charlottenburg – Wilmersdorf

21. März2024  15:00 - 18:00 Uhr

als Teil der Aktionswochen gegen Rassimus Charlottenburg – Wilmersdorf, die vom 15.März bis 15.April stattfinden, veranstalten wir einen Workshop zum Thema Anti-Schwarzer Rassismus.

ANMELDUNG HIER: info@openculture.agency

Der Workshop richtet sich an Teilnehmende, welche nicht von Rassismus betroffen sind und sich zu dem Themenschwerpunkt Anti-Schwarzer Rassismus weiterbilden möchten. Durch reflexive Übungen sollen die Teilnehmenden in ihrer anti-rassistischen Haltung gestärkt und zum kritischen Hinterfragen bisheriger Denk- und Handlungsstrukturen angeregt werden. Darauf aufbauend werden solidarische Handlungsstrategien erarbeitet.


Der Workshop wurde ermöglicht durch die Förderung von Partnerschaft für Demokratie.

Cameroon Diaspora Dialogues Discussion - #defyhatenow

February 24, 2024  2pm - 3pm WAT

an online event - Cameroon Youth at the crossroads of crisis, Roles and perspectives of Cameroonian Diaspora youth

February is youth month in Cameroon. Over 70 percent of Cameroons population is below the age of 35. As in most African countries, the youth in Cameroon sit on the crossroads of crisis: from pressure to violent extremism with the political conflicts, to irregular migration patterns to the world etc. In special tribute to the many young people of Cameroon who work towards reconciling peace and fighting hate speech, our diaspora dialogue this month shall focus on young people too.

We shall specially consider the special role of Cameroon based outside Cameroon; their perspectives on transforming the conflict in Cameroon and the particular roles young people play.

"Digital Public Sphere - Perspectives of the African Diaspora"

February  1, 2024  6pm - 8pm CEST

Open Culture Space, Knobelsdorffstr. 22  14059 Berlin
In-person Event more info here: link

We are excited to host Merga Yonas at the r0g office in Berlin as he discusses his PhD dissertation publication in an event titled “Digital Public Sphere - Perspective of the African Diaspora.”

Merga is an experienced journalist and project manager with experience in conducting research on media, political, and social affairs in the Horn of Africa, the diaspora and internationally. He will be discussing the paper “Transnational Communication & Identity Construction in Diaspora - A comparative Analysis of Four Diaspora Communities from the Horn of Africa” which was part of his PhD at the University of Leipzig.


It’s time to celebrate!
r0g_agency is turning 10 years old!

September 23, 2023  5pm - 10pm CEST

Open Culture Space, Knobelsdorffstr. 22  14059 Berlin
In-person Event more info here: link

So come out and join us in celebrating a decade of collaboration with local organizations, achieving incredible milestones, and fostering positive change in communities around the globe. With the support of our partners, we have worked to mitigate hate speech, empower people with knowledge and tech expertise, and worked to keep people safer and more informed about migration options.

Cameroon Diaspora Dialogues Discussion - #defyhatenow

September 23, 2023  3pm - 5pm CEST

an online event: register here

The topic of the panel discussion shall focus on the theme ‘Conflict transformation in Cameroon, Possibilities and Potentials within the Diaspora’. 

Given the strong correlation that exists between actions, declarations, and speeches of some renowned Cameroonian activists based abroad, the Cameroonian diaspora has been identified as a probable conflict influencer. Social media is one of the means through which the diaspora exerts influence and opinions (positive & negative) on the conflict back home.

#OCFC- open culture - feminist Cafe
Women Game-Changers in Digital Arts - Featuring Nina Czegledy

September 18, 2023  6pm - 8pm

Open Culture Space, Knobelsdorffstr. 22  14059 Berlin
In-person Event & held in English

Nina is an artist, curator, and educator based in Toronto, Canada.

Her curatorial work is based on non-hierarchical collaborative art, science, and technology projects. The paradigm shifts in the arts in a cross-cultural context, interdisciplinary education, women’s work, and intergenerational involvements inform her work.

Online Safe Spaces For Digital Security

June  18th, 2022 2pm - 4pm (GMT +1)
International Day of Countering Hate Speech

A #PeaceJam is an informal community oriented peacebuilding event, process, or activity where people – youth, cultural actors and anyone interested in peace and cultural dialogue – get together to share their ideas, visions and hopes for the future – and to make new friends and connections.


#OCFC- open culture - feminist Cafe
Feminist Resistance Beyond Borders For Freedom Peace & Justice

June 9, 2023  6pm - 8pm

Open Culture Space, Knobelsdorffstr. 22  14059 Berlin
In-person Event & held in English

This #OCFC event aims to highlight feminist activists and networks who are leading the revolution to restore full civilian power in Sudan, fighting against the grave human rights abuses and persecution of refugees in Libya and campaigning to stop the genocide happening and ensure justice for the survivors of wartime sexual violence in Tigray.

Most importantly, we will discuss feminist approaches to responding to conflicts in building sustainable peace as wars are being fought using women's bodies as a battlefield, and densely populated areas becoming war zones increasing heavy casualties on civilian populations, with women disproportionately bearing the brunt.


An evening of discussion and reflection

December 16, 2022  6pm - 8pm

Open Culture Space, Knobelsdorffstr. 22  14059 Berlin
In-person Event & Held in English

Launch of the #237footBERLIN Calendar, an initiative of #defyhatenow
Considering the influence the diaspora community has over socio-economic progress and the conflict situation in Cameroon, #defyhatenow understands the importance of engaging with the diaspora community. In Berlin, the focus has been on the diaspora football clubs. The aim is to identify and support the voices in these clubs that can help support peacebuilding efforts back home.

We will present the 2023 calendar, discuss the work we do, and have a discussion about diaspora football and its importance in peacebuilding.

#OCFC- open culture - feminist Cafe
No Roses From My Mouth - Featuring Stella Nyanzi

December 9, 2022  6pm - 8pm

Open Culture Space, Knobelsdorffstr. 22  14059 Berlin
In-person Event & held in English

Stella Nyanzi is a Ugandan academic, activist, artist and agitator currently living in Germany where she is scholarship holder of the Writers-in-Exile program of PEN Zentrum Deutschland.

#OCFC - open culture - feminist Cafe
Shifting Power: Towards Decolonial Feminist Foreign Policy

November 18, 2022  6pm - 9pm

This panel aims to raise awareness and reflect on FFP through intersectional and decolonial feminist thought and practices. Join us for an important conversation with experts and advocates from diverse regional contexts in order to exchange ideas on establishing decolonial feminist
foreign policies that could lead to a global shift in power.

A detailed program, listing our speakers and moderator is on our website

How peace technologies counter violent extremism online

November  7th, 2022 6:00 - 8pm

the #defyhatenow initiative to counter social media hate speech and online incitement to violence was born in reaction to the sudden explosion of violent conflict in South Sudan at the end of 2013. When the relationship between social media and incitement to violence were virtually unknown factors in civil conflict, peace tech activists such as Theo Dolan were compiling lexica of hate speech terms to avert potentially genocidal events in emergent conflicts. This evening discussion brings him together with Ngala Desmond Ngala from Cameroon, two leaders in the field of open tech innovation and contemporary conflict mitigation to discuss the challenges and methodologies in trying to get one step ahead of the most virulent online conflict influencers.


Repair – Reuse – Upcycle
… the essence of the ‘right to repair’!

October  3rd, 2022 6pm - 9pm

join us at the r0g_office, when Mathew Lubari, Co-Founder & Executive Director of CC4D, will introduce the essence of repair culture in a region where circular economy is not a theory, but everyday essential practice.

Community Creativity For Development (CC4D) was founded in August 2019 by a group of three South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda.


Mathew has been a participant in r0g_agency’s #ASKnet program since 2018, and is featured in the initiative’s Open Training Guide.


Hacking Public Policy
How can a global citizen's assembly impact democracy?

September  30th, 2022 6:00 - 9pm

Jon Stever will introduce several tools and methods of governance innovation and will talk about the co-creation of the Nigeria Startup Bill and the first global citizens’ assembly.




September  21th, 2022 2pm - 5pm

We are excited to host a live jam session at the r0g_office in Berlin on the 21st of September. Come join the #PeaceJam2022 live online event from our offices and enjoy entertainment from Djang Kolins as we mark the International Day of Peace.

The Art of Cultural Resistance OFF-Biennale Budapest @ the r0g_agency

September 6th, 2022 6:00 - 8:00pm

The r0g_agency has supported OFF-Biennale since 2017 and is excited to host them in Berlin for an evening event during which curators Hajnalka Somogyi and Eszter Szakács will talk about their organization, their work and the biennale, the role of curators, and how art can address the current cultural politics in Hungary. 

r0g  - game night

April  8th, 2022 5:30 - 9:00pm

Join us at the “Open Culture Game Night”!
Meet members of the African diaspora community in Berlin and test our #MMN and #defyhatenow games. By doing so, you will...
🎲 Find out more about regular and irregular migration as well as fact-checking & mitigating hate speech.
🎲 Learn how to lose with grace, and more importantly, how to win with grace.
🎲 Have a lot of fun.


March  8th, 2022
Ten days, eight feminists peacebuilders: To celebrate #IWD2022 we asked African feminists, who are actively working towards bettering their communities, about their thoughts on gender equality and the role of women in peacebuilding.
They gave inspiring answers - about their hopes and the significant contribution of ordinary women to peace in their communities, but also about what needs to change and the stereotypes that hinder peace.
You can find their contributions on http://defyhatenow.org/women4peace/


February  19th, 2022

an #MMN event in teh Berlin office on how the Ghanaian fashion industry can become a resource for sustainable alternatives to migration.

* Nuel Bans, founder & editor-in-chief of Debonair Afrik, a Ghanaian based digital media publication and
* Rhoda Wedam, founder and CEO of the Song-Ba Empowerment Centre, Ghana, and #MMN Local Coordinator - Ghana

#MMN meet-up
Creating Safe Spaces For Migrant Women

November 24th 2021

In our monthly series of “Women Empowering Women “, the Migrant Media Network (#MMN) will host its first edition of the diaspora meet-up in Berlin, Charlottenburg. The discussion that marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women centered on women in migration.


#defyhatenow  peacejam 2021
September 21th

Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. At #defyhatenow we join the International Day of Peace commemoration by having  #peacejam activities and discussions that call for conflict mitigation against acts of hate online and offline.

We invite you to jam for peace with us from all the world, engage us in our various conversations here.



August 28th & 30th 2021

The aim is to inform the Ghanaina and Gambian diaspora about the importance of disseminating the right and accurate information regarding migration on social media behaviour. The workshop targets about 10 Ghanaian and 10 Gambian Diasporans who will participate in the 3 days training of the trainer workshop. If you are interested please visit our website www.migrantmedia.network and contact us under info@migrantmedia.network


#MMN GHANA FIELD GUIDE KIT LAUNCH & strengthening partnerships for safer migration

June 23 rd & 24th 2021

The Migrant Media Network (#MMN) project Ghana stakeholder meeting with #MMN project coordinators to have an exchange on their work experiences in migration
issues in Ghana. At the same time #MMN will launch the #MMN Field Guide Kit.



April 29 th, 30th & May 1st 2021

The Migrant Media Network project is an information campaign and a Youth Empowerment project. Stakeholders in migration governance and management converse with participants on what actions can be taken to inform potential migrants on regular migration, dangers of irregular migration/human smuggling and opportunities at home.The Opening talks are folllowed by a 3 days Training of Trainers workshop.




November 10 th, 2020

link to join the session with the team, partners and contributors will follow soon.

Sep 21, 2020
#defyhatenow Social Media #PeaceJam 2020 online session -
moderated from Berlin

Workshop: Migrant Media Network 2020

August 17th – 21st, 2020
ZKU Berlin, Germany

5 day immersive hands – on workshops

Contribute to changing the perception of life in Europe and help mitigate the low awareness of the manifold dangers linked to irregular migration.


open culture - feminist Cafe
- she rhymes!

March 8, 2020  4pm

The Open Culture Feminist Cafe proudly features the Poetry Slam group from Heinz Berggruen Gymnasium, and berlin based artists Eilis Frawley, Allysa Grace & Verale, Sarota and maxmaxflierl.

open culture office - Berlin, Germany

#OpenCulture #FeministCafe


DOTS - The Impact Summit, Nakuru, Kenya

5 –7 December 2019

Entrepreneurs from all over the world gather in Kenya to co-create open source local solutions to global issues. Bring the Global Network with #ASKnet together and create synergies, learn from each other and explore very new and exciting formats and methodologies.


#MMN_Migrant Media Network 2019

engaging diaspora communities in social media awareness
& open tech innovation to foster informed migration choices

Public Presentation

December 13, 2019    11am - 3pm

free registration here: eventbrite
Werkstatt, Haus der Statistik - Berlin, Germany


open culture - feminist Cafe

African feminism in digital space

September 18, 2019
open culture office - Berlin, Germany

Workshop: Migrant Media Network (Ghana)

July 17-18 and 22-23, 2019
open culture office Berlin, Gemany

4-day Workshop on Social Media Sensitization and Migration in Berlin


the open cultural street meet

May 4th - 9th, 2019
open culture office - Berlin, Germany


Sep 21, 2018



Sep 21, 2017
#defyhatenow Social Media #PeaceJam 2017


#defyhatenow Workshop

Nov 7-8, 2016 in Berlin



Sep 21, 2017


#defyhatenow introductory workshop

Apr 25, 2015 in Juba, South Sudan
"Identifying, Mapping and Developing Mitigation Strategies against Social Media Hate Speech and Directed Online Incitement to Violence." >> Report (pdf)


#DoDevDif - Doing Development Differently

Jan 22, 2015 in Berlin, Germany
How could development be done differently to increase opportunities for open innovation, knowledge sharing and strategies to best utilize available tools. More information here


RSS #DeepDive: Prof. Leben Nelson Moro

July 17, 2014 in Berlin, Germany
In-depth presentation on the economic situation in South Sudan



June 12-21, 2014 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Subtle Technologies Festival 

May 20-31, 2014 in Toronto, Canada
Panel Discussion on Critical State Making


Social Media Week Berlin

September 23-27, 2013 in Berlin, Germany
Host to 2 keynote speakers



May 4-5, 2013 in Khartoum, Republic of Sudan


UNESCO WSIS+10 Review 

February 25-27,  2013 in Paris, France
Special Study: The Future of Open Systems Solutions, Now



December 11-13, 2012 in Juba, South Sudan


Social Media Week

September 24-28, 2012 in Berlin
Giving Voices to the Voiceless’ (de) feat. Annette Weber (SWP) and H.E. Ambassador Sitona Abdalla Osman (South Sudan)


Juba - the World's First Open Source City? #OSJUBA

June 21-22, 2012 in Berlin, Germany


CIRCUM / POLARITY + C_plexus Solaris

February 29, 2012 in Berlin, Germany
Art, Culture and open Technology in the changing Arctic



#BuildPeace2023 Nairobi/ Kenya

December 1-3, 2023 

How technology and the arts influence identities relevant to peace & conflict

the tenth annual conference on emergent challenges to peace in a digital era, and peacebuilding innovations to address these challenges. This year, the conference theme is a reflection of the importance that identities play in conflict dynamics anywhere, and particularly in Kenya and the East African region.

13:30-15:30 Workshops:

Identifying and Countering Dangerous Speech Towards Vulnerable Groups in Kenya

#defyhatenow Kenya & Dangerous Speech Project (Gazebo)

'Participation Goes International'
Berlin/ Germany

February 13-14, 2023

workshop hosted at the Robert Bosch Stiftung Berlin, facilitated by R-Seat

The topic was how refugees and migrants can play a major role within the decision-making bodies in international refugee forums

#BuildPeace2022 Chemnitz/ Germany

November 4th, 2022  4:00pm - 6:00pm

#BuildPeace2022 will bring together peacebuilders from around the world to discuss digital peacebuilding skills. Desmond Ngala will be there on behalf of #defyhatenow Cameroon to discuss the #dhn project and share ideas and tips.


r0g_agency’s Stephen Kovats gave a talk at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada on the Responsive Open-Source Housing Prototype (ROSHOP) developed by #ASKnet’s #YEF hub. The talk focused on the motivation behind building the prototype, how it can be used as an open source learning tool, the challenges faced during the project, and the resulting establishment of the Pagrinyia Refugee Architecture Library in Uganda.

UN & GIG roundtable discussion

September 27th, 2022  3:00qm - 5:00pm

with Ahunna Eziakonwa UNDP's Assistant Administrator and Director of UNDP's Regional Bureau for Africa on teh topic how digital grassroot innovations can accelerate and enhance progress on the SDGs in the African context?

r0g introduced the #ASKnet - Access to Skills & Knowledge Network project which is a capacity building and hub development initiative by r0g.

12th Intercultural Football Tournament

June 18th, 2022  9:00qm - 6:00pm

Hey friends and supporters in Berlin: Tomorrow we will be at the 12th Intercultural Football Tournament, organized by NARUD e.V. We will be cheering on the teams and showcasing our work at the BAOBAB Diversity Fair.


The evening of – r0g_agency @ V2 in Rotterdam

May 5th, 2022  8:00pm - 11:00pm

V2_Lab for the Unstable Media is an interdisciplinary center for art and media technology in Rotterdam. In its 40 year tradition of linking audiences to cutting edge art, media, and technology, V2_ invites organizations and individuals engaged in cultures of open technologies, digital arts, and transformative society to present their unique works and world views during their ‘Evening of …’ events.

CMMA2021 – Conference on Migration & Media Awarness

October 28 @ 9:00 am - October 30 @ 6:00 pm

The #MMN team is invited to participate in the CMMA2021 conference in following panel discussions/ workshops

I. Thursday, 28 October
17:00 – 18:10

Tracking EU Migration Funding in Africa
Where does it go, with what impact
and who decides?

II. Saturday, 30 October
10:05 – 11:30 AM

Countering Disinformation Through Media Literacy
With the presentation of the Council of Europe Study
“Media Literacy for all.
Supporting marginalized groups through
community media’ Report“



Arpil 28th, 2021 online

#FriEntPBF2021 "Social Media & Peacebuilding: Challenges & Opportunities"


by GIG (Global Innovation Gathering)
10th &11th of December 2020- ONLINE

#MMN's Thomas Kalunge, Benedictus Abgalom and Peter Nahr hosted a session about migration, technology, border control, and migration and technology in general. Due to the perceived or real increase in complexity of migration, governments are increasingly turning to emerge technologies for solutions.



Borders of fear meet up - FACING INVISIBLE BORDERS by disruptionlab.org
Wednesday 28 October 2020, 19:00 – 22:00
at ACUD Macht Neu

Warming up to our 21st conference BORDERS OF FEAR: Migration, Security & Control - An evening with Thomas Kalunge of the Migrant Media Network – an immersion into the journey of a potential migrant to Germany using design thinking.


DW_Online Conference
Displacement and Dialogue

Oct 5th-16th, 2020 online

a virtual conference on communication, engagement and accountability in displacement crises.


DW - Conference
Beyond the crisis

communication, engagement and accountability in forced migration settings
Deutsche Welle

Oct 17th-18th, 2019 in Bonn, Germany

Migrant Media Network presentation

re:publica 19

May 06-08, 2019 in Berlin, Germany


Innovation Communities

Open Situation Room „Mitdenken: Deutschlands Engagement im Sahel“

Dec 11th 2018 in Berlin, Germany
German Foereign Office (AA)



Social Media Conference 

June 28-29, 2918 in Kampala, Uganda


International Tech4Dev Conference

June 27-29, 2018 in Lausanne, Switzerland

UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development: Voices of the Global South


FriEnt PeaceBuilding Forum

June 13-14, 2018 in Berlin, Germany

Online and offline polarization – the impact of social media on peace, and how to turn the tide


HATE NEWS Conference

May 25-26, 2018 in Berlin, Germany
Manipulators, Trolls and Influencers


re:publica 18

May 02-04, 2018 in Berlin, Germany
No women, no web - Digital skills trainings in fragile contexts

#ASKotec: an emergeny field kit for Access to Skills and Knowledge



Apr 13-15, 2018 in Kumasi, Ghana

Africa Open Science and Hardware Summit 


re:publica 17

May 08-10, 2017 in Berlin, Germany
Creating organizations of/for the commons
Social Media and Conflict: How to mitigate online hate speech that fuels violence?


Summit of Critical Maiking 

Aug 10-Sep 20, 2015 in Yogiakarta, Indonesia


re:publica 14

May 05-07, 2014 in Berlin, Germany
#DefyHateNow – Mobilising Action Against Violence in South Sudan



November 4 – 8, 2013 in Kigali, Rwanda
#OSWARRAP: Open systems strategies linking FOSS & open knowledge to strengthen agriculture in Warrap State, South Sudan
> View the presentation (Slideshare)


Werkleitz Anniversary Festival: Utopien vermeiden

October 12-27, 2013 in Halle/Saale, Germany
Dancing on my Life


Urban Knights

October 01, 2013 in Berlin, Germany
What it means to actively apply open source methodologies to support the development of new capital city infrastructures in South Sudan


Wireless Summit

October 04, 2013 in Berlin, Germany


Umweltforum Berlin 

October 05, 2013 in Berlin, Germany


Open Knowledge Conference / OKCon

September 18, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland
#OSSOL: Open Systems Solutions for Peace and Sustainability
Presentation by Steven Kovats: Open Systems Solutins. Now!


Cellsbutton Conference

June 17-24, 2013 in Jakarta+Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Hactive Open Systems 


Art after Social Media 

June 05-08, 2013 in Shanghai, China

Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Money


Hybrid City 2013 

May 23-25, 2013 in Athens, Greece
Subtle rEvolutions


Freitagsfrühstück im Supermarkt: May Edition

May 10, 2013 in Berlin, Germany
Community-based media production in South Sudan


re:publica 13 

May 6-8, 2013 in Berlin, Germany
(h)activating OPEN ICT4D



May 3 – 5, 2013 in Buffalo, USA


HexagramCIAM Syncretic 

February 22 – 24, 2013 in Montreal, Canada
Brilliant City, CivicBright



January 19-20, 2013 in Hong Kong

WIKITOPIA – Open Sourcing a new Country (video)


DAESAV Ethiopia Conference

Panel discussion: Entrepreneurship as key for social innovation?


Marseille – European Capital of Culture

Zanzibar Project Residency


NewThinking Summit

November 15-16, 2012 in Berlin, Germany
Open Strategies


Of Massaging Mind & Media 

April 27, 2012 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
> Documentation video


MacEwan University Lectures Series

March 20, 2012 in Edmonton, Canada
Talking North: Art, Technology, Community


SUPERMARKT Free Culture final event 

January 26, 2012  in Berlin, Germany
Free Culture Incubator #12

DW - Conference
Beyond the crisis
communication, engagement and accountability in forced migration settings
Deutsche Welle

Oct 17th-18th, 2019 in Bonn, Germany

Migrant Media Network presentation

DW_Online Conference
Displacement and Dialogue
a virtual conference on communication, engagement and accountability in displacement crises.

Oct 5th-16th, 2020 online