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In areas where conflict has created political and economical instability, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are crucial means of exchange. Indeed, in post-conflict regions such as South Sudan, communities use cryptocurrencies as they are more stable and trustworthy than local currencies.


By donating, you support us providing migrants with resources, disadvantaged communities with tech kits and help us fight the increase of hate speech online. Together we can do our part to spread open tech, open knowledge, and foster peacebuilding initiatives around the world. Join us by making a donation today!


Through your donation, you join us in this vision to help develop collaborative tools and open educational resources that can be used and further developed locally by people who themselves are often marginalised by conflict... be they refugees, migrants, victims of hate speech and online incitement to violence, former child soldiers or youth ex-combattant.

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We believe in empowerment and the ability of people to rebuild their lives and strengthen their communities - Improving the world we all live in

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