Pernille Bærendtsen …

works as a Journalist, Trainer, Photographer and Consultant. She has 10 years of experience from developing, post-conflict and fragile countries, particularly with capacity building, civil society, culture and media in East Africa

In 2000, she established the Next Stop Serbia peace activism campaign in Serbia aiming at breaking down stereotypes by making people collaborate on joint projects. In northern Uganda, she worked with civic education of South Sudanese refugees (2005-07); with information and development in Tanzania (2007-10); and since 2011 with several short-term consultancies in Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan.

In between, she has worked with Danish civil society in development, with advice, training and grant selection for development communication, and has practice with training, facilitation and presentation. Moreover, she writes about trends in East Africa concerning politics, development, civil society, media and culture. Since 2010, she has written for the Danish Foreign Ministry’s magazine ‘Udvikling’ as freelancer.

Read ‘5 Questions with blogger and photographer Pernille Bærendtsen‘, interview for Vijana FM about activism and creativity (2011).