#DefyHateNow Evaluation

Mobilizing Action against Hate Speech and Directed Social Media Incitement to Violence in South Sudan

Evaluation Report for the Initial Project Period, 2015
by Petra Bormann January 2016

Executive Summary
In 2015 the Berlin based agency r0g launched a project to act on the ongoing South Sudan political and civil crisis which has resulted in the creation of a civil war and internal refugee catastrophe. The project was designed as a response to the growing problem of social media based hate speech and its directed incitement to violence. The first project phase comprised the following components:

  • workshops and training on the subject of hate speech for civil society representatives
  • monitoring and documentation of online hate speech
  • outreach and media campaigns in order to raise awareness about the issue

This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the activities conducted throughout the project´s first implementation phase. The evaluation is based on the assessment of qualitative and quantitive data, including interviews with the project manager as well as the findings of a feedback questionnaire that was sent out to project participants. During its initial phase the project achieved measurable results but also faced some constraints due to external and international challenges. This includes a tight timeframe, administrative barriers, economic and safety matters in South Sudan while the project activities were implemented on the ground. The following results are related to the project outcome:

  • the documentation of the emergency of the situation with all project participants stating they have experienced hate speech on social media
  • awareness raising on media related hate speech and incitement to violence
  • a reputation as a neutral, trustworthy partner on the ground was being established
  • strong ties with local partners were being developed and existing collaborations extended

For the further improvement and development of the project, recommendations discussed in this report include:

  • the further monitoring, documentation and systematic classification of hate speech
  • the development of training resources and the design of hate speech counter strategies
  • the strengthening of existing networks with local partners while creating new collaboration opportunities

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