6. workshop_Juba PoC camp dec 2015

#DefyhateNow workshop
PoC camp Juba 17th December 2015


By The Mail
A workshop aimed at combating hate speech in the social media took place at the UN protection camp in Juba recently.


The workshop was facilitated by correspondents of a campaigned named #defyhatenow initiated by r0g_agency for open culture and crit- ical transformation gGmbH (Berlin), and in coordination with the children charity organization based inside the UN camp.
The workshop which was mainly attended by teachers within the camp aimed at raising awareness on social media as well as brainstorming on different ways in which hate speech in the social media can be combated. Abraham Todel Wit , one of the members of The children charity organization. said during the work- shop that Hate speech through the social media today is a real risk. He added We as citizens of this country we have a full responsibility to combat it. He further suggests that Before the war in 2013 there were some rumors devastating but with this crisis those rumors have increased and used by different Actors in the conflict to incite violence.


Attendees got to share their personal experiences on effects of hate speech in the social media as well as share ideas on how best they think it can be controlled. The #defyhatenow team aims at organizing more of this campaigns as well as a massive media campaign aimed at combating this vice.




the project is funded by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) with means of the German Federal Foreign Office




Ebony Center for Strategic Studies (EBSS)


Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation (CEPO)