#defyhatenow background notes

Background research for detailed “DefyHateNow campaign + robust training curriculum summary of
different policies, contexts and approaches re:monitoring and combatting hate speech on- and

r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation
Susanne Bellingshausen, Abiol Lual Leng, Yoann Fily, Stephen Kovats, Jodi Rose


#DefyHateNow is an initiative to combat social media hate speech by the r0g_agency
for open culture and critical transformation, Berlin, the Ebony Center for Strategic
Studies, Juba and the Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation (CEPO), Juba,
funded by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) with means of the German Federal
Foreign Office (zivik Programme).



Introduction: Framing questions (p.2)

Prelude: South Sudan Dialogues (p.2)

Section One: Monitoring, Analysing & Mapping Online Hate Speech, Rumours and Media (p.4)

Section Two: Technologies For Tracking and Debunking Online Rumours & Verifying Images (p.6)

Section Three: Examples of Best Practices Alternatives For Peace And Social Change (p.7)

Section Four: Initiatives & Legal Approaches To Mitigate Hate Speech (p.9)

Section Five: Guidelines For Responsible Use Of Social Media (FACEBOOK And Twitter) (p.11)

Section Six: Global Context Of Hate Speech & Discussions on Free Speech (p.11)

Section Seven: Art For Social Change (p.13)

Section Eight: Global Context for Social Innovation and Peacebuilding (p.14)


Read the full report at dhn background notes (pdf)