Lagu Stephen Samuel is a medical student and film maker from Juba, South Sudan. He is founder of Kapital Movie Industry Corporation, a network of visionary young artists and documentarists, web developers, partly in affiliation with the University of Juba, Ministry of Communication, and South Sudan Television. As a group committed to empowering the communities they live, work and study in, Kapital Movie’s focus messages are about health, conflict mitigation, capacity building, employment opportunity, the development of peaceful methods of association through the power of films and short commercials. Lagu Stephen produced the video documentation of #MMJUBA, the ‘MEDIA & MAKERS JUBA 2012 Open Knowledge and Sustainable Media Forum’, and is also a member of the #OSJUBA and #OSWARRAP team exploring the use and application of open systems in the development of South Sudan. Lagu has participated and spoken at the ‘Youth in Africa‘ Future of the German BMZ and the re:publica2013 congress. Currently Lagu Stephen, in conjunction with Kapital Movie is also developing the concept for kHUB, the Juba based Open Innovation and Media Laboratory.

Eva Yayi Mawa is a computer science graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from Uganda Christian University, with additional training in Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation from Uganda Capacity Development Organization. Currently, Ms. Yayi is working for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) South Sudan, a national civil society organization, as a researcher and IT personnel. She is responsible for managing the organisation’s Resource Center that offers basic computer training to the community. She manages the organization’s website and ensures that all their IT equipment is in good working condition and has also worked as a data clerk/analyst as well as a team leader/supervisor in international companies. She is interested in taking more initiative to help develop open IT systems bringing various groups and organizations together, especially people from various backgrounds and with different ideas related to human rights, agriculture and social development. Ms. Yayi is also an active member of Kapital Movie Industry Corporation, a community of young people interested in making films about the challenges faced by their country, to gain skills in sound and video editing; and to share various ideas on the different everyday challenges and express them in the form of films and videos. She was the key interviewer during the recent ‘#OSWARRAP’ research and documentation trip to Warrap State.