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Open Knowledge literacy training

A ‘Wikipedia sprint’ or ‘wikisprint’ for Kuajok, the capital of Warrap Sate, in collaboration with local students and the Kuajok Youth Organisation aims to draft the first comprehensive and community created Wikipedia entry in Warrap State … and perhaps South Sudan by local experts and residents.

The sprint format introduces participants to the many resources that comprise Wikipedia, the world’s largest collaborative knowledge base. Running the sprint as a literacy and internet training project addresses a number of key skills including researching, writing, editing – and doing this together as team work.

The results or ‘products’ of this workshop include the development of some basic IT skills, information about the vast realm of online knowledge resources, as well as how to have fun with your own history, your future and your ‘image’ in the world.

The results can be presented publicly as an evening event along with film or video(s) about the area featuring local music and musicians that, themselves, are included in the Wikipedia entry itself. The Wikipedia sprint is an open knowledge ‘feedback loop’ that empowers and builds pride in local culture and history.


The Open Cultures Resource Center a network
for open knowledge training in South Sudan

As part of the conclusions and observations that followed r0g_agency’s November 2013 discussions in Warrap State and in Juba, the recurring issues observed are that there is simply too little access to valuable, available, and in most cases, free and public domain information, regardless of the availability of internet services. There is a great potential for the development of a mechanism that can effectively and as a ‘community-owned’ resource, impart information, services and training in open systems solutions that are aimed specifically at enabling and securing peace, stability and development. The idea of an ‘Open Cultures Resource’ centre, or central support base located within communities as a form of open resource ‘extension services’ facility to cater to all sectors could be such a place. This could be an immensely strategic and cost-effective investment to aid training and development in a wide variety of fields across the country.
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#OSWARRAP Post-Conflict Open Systems Strategy

Following up on the MEDIA & MAKERS ‘Open Knowledge and Sustainable Media’ Forum and the #OSJUBA discussions on the role of Open Source in South Sudan’s Post-Conflict Development r0g_team members Stephen Kovats and Clemens Lerche returned to South Sudan on a research and project development trip in November 2013. This continues a dialogue begun earlier in 2013 with H.E. the Governor of Warrap State, Nyandeng Malek Dielic on the #OSWARRAP Open Systems Strategies for Peace, Innovation and Development. r0g_ had the opportunity to engage in more precise discussions on open education, development, security and empowerment issues with a broad range of government officials, civil society organisations as well as students and other citizens.

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As we light up the night sky and ring in the New Year, we wish our friends and colleagues in South Sudan peace, resilience and silent nights (and days) in overcoming the unnecessary turbulence that has gripped their country. As a year full of challenges, hopes as well as successes closes, let’s work to make sure that what was a tragic error shattering the fragility of the new state doesn’t spill over and drag South Sudan back into the dark days of eternal struggle. The fight now is neither against an outside aggressor nor an enemy within, but against senseless and narrow-minded political jockeying. It is a struggle for education, literacy and what should be the adventurous complexities of building a truly free society open and respectful to all its members. Continue reading PAX_2014


Following the success and intense discussions that took place during MEDIA & MAKERS JUBA 2012: The Open Knowledge and Sustainable Media Forum (#MMJUBA), in Juba, South Sudan December 2012, r0g, along with South Sudan’s Warrap State Governor, Her Excellency Nyandeng Malek Dielic were invited to participate at the UNESCO WSIS+10 Review Conference on Knowledge Societies for Peace and Development February 25 – 27, 2013 in Paris. Leading a session on ‘Open Solutions for addressing global challenges‘ they were joined by the Director General of the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT and FOSSFA member, Dorothy K. Gordon, the data artist and open cultures activist Irene Agrivina of the HONF Foundation Yogyakarta, senior Federal German Foreign Office representative Johannes Lehne and the President of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Asha Kanwar. The session, which included ca. 20 live webcasting nodes worldwide addressed the growing international relevance of Open Systems Solutions as effective vehicles to address today’s major post-crisis, peace and global development challenges. Continue reading #MMJUBA to UNESCO


Open Systems Strategies for Peace and Development in Warrap State
As a first step towards a comprehensive ‘Open Systems Strategy’ within the #OSJUBA – Open Sourcing South Sudan Initiative, the country’s largest federal state Warrap has embarked on #OSWARRAP (Open Systems for Warrap State), as a model or pilot initiative to empower citizens, and strengthen peace and security through open source technologies and methodologies, open data and open government principles.→ read more

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