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#OSJUBA and #AoPJUBA Initiatives for Open Source Urbanism in Post-Conflict Transformation

Kapital Virtual Academy

Kapital Virtual Academy (KVA) is a Juba based grass-roots film and video training initiative founded by independent film-makers and medical students Lagu Stephen Samuel and Richard Dratu in 2013. Connected to Lagu Stephen’s umbrella film production organisation Kapital Movie Industry Corporation, the KVA has attracted a broad group of young people from across South Sudan who aspire to become designers, media producers, film-makers and IT professionals, however for a lack of educational infrastructure in this field are not able to do so. Most of the KVA participants are students at the University of Juba, studying a wide scope of professional disciplines.

As perhaps South Sudan’s first and only independent media training institution, KVA aims to also address some of the key post-independence and post-conflict challenges that South Sudanese society faces today. These include communal violence, health and environmental issues, and the nurturing of a vibrant civil society.

By utilizing an Open Source philosophy including the use of OERs (Open Educational Resources), FOSS / open source software and open technologies, KVA aims to build local capacity and community empowerment through the power of film and media production. As such KVA’s aim is primarily two-fold:

1. skills training and professional capacity building in IT and media production
2. advancing the ideals of securing a vibrant open civil society in South Sudan

Initially KVA classes where informal and self-organised, with no fixed regular location, taking place in different homes, student residences and cafes usually with little or no access to internet or electricity. The KVA students have been largely self-taught, and then mentored by fellow students and graduates of the program. Since late 2013 KVA has been able to meet on UNESCO South Sudan’s Juba premises which has enabled a more rigorous semester structure with a focussed curriculum being developed.

The KVA has also managed, against many odds, immense challenges and threats against the security of its students and teachers to continue its activities through the current crisis in the country. As an entirely home-grown initiative the KVA serves to create a uniquely South Sudanese institution enabling local people to tell relevant stories, address key issues, and become key players in the building of their own country. This is especially key in a new state struggling to stand on its own two feet among the family of nations overcome decades of civil war, ongoing political crisis alongside the most basic of development and education challenges.

KVA current course load touches upon a diverse range of topics related to technology, design and media production including:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Software training
  • Cinematography
  • Photography
  • Web design
  • Digital computer graphics
  • Creative writing
  • Sound and video editing

But in order to be truly successful, and sustain its independence, express its cultural values and spread their open culture philosophy the KVA now needs real support and partners that share their vision by, for example:

  • enabling professional guest mentors on a regular basis
  • providing up-to-date
  • equipment and technology
  • facilitating access to quality educational resources
  • helping pay staff and cover administrative, travel and location costs

For more information and to support the KVA, please visit:

KVA_flyer download

contact :
Lagu Stephen Samuel [lagu[at]] Dratu Richard [dratu[at]]


Following the success and intense discussions that took place during MEDIA & MAKERS JUBA 2012: The Open Knowledge and Sustainable Media Forum (#MMJUBA), in Juba, South Sudan December 2012, r0g, along with South Sudan’s Warrap State Governor, Her Excellency Nyandeng Malek Dielic were invited to participate at the UNESCO WSIS+10 Review Conference on Knowledge Societies for Peace and Development February 25 – 27, 2013 in Paris. Leading a session on ‘Open Solutions for addressing global challenges‘ they were joined by the Director General of the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT and FOSSFA member, Dorothy K. Gordon, the data artist and open cultures activist Irene Agrivina of the HONF Foundation Yogyakarta, senior Federal German Foreign Office representative Johannes Lehne and the President of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Asha Kanwar. The session, which included ca. 20 live webcasting nodes worldwide addressed the growing international relevance of Open Systems Solutions as effective vehicles to address today’s major post-crisis, peace and global development challenges. Continue reading #MMJUBA to UNESCO

Welcome to Juba!

MEDIA & MAKERS: JUBA 2012 aims to develop scenarios for a sustainable civil society in South Sudan, with an emphasis on openness, accessibility and transparency. Let’s create the world’s first Open Source Country – a new model for Africa and the world!

In collaboration with leading African and international open source and open knowledge specialists the event will explore potential elements of a new ‘open source culture’ in South Sudan that can tackle issues of post-conflict transformation, ICT innovation, education, resource management, policy transparency and economic development.

>>> The “OPEN KNOWLEDGE” Stream

The ‘Open Knowledge’ or ‘Makers’ stream at MEDIA & MAKERS JUBA 2012 builds on the groundwork of #OSJUBA and TEDxJuba in exploring the means and structures of contemporary open culture in South Sudan, with a focus on open data & open knowledge, ICT, and innovation. Using mechanisms readily available in the public domain, tools that access open data, networks, opinions and methodologies such as crowdsourcing, eLearning, social networking and open technologies, open systems allow citizens to have a say in their future.


MEDIA & MAKERS JUBA2012: Open Knowledge and Sustainable Media Forum, December 11-13th, Juba, South Sudan

Hello r0g_world!

Welcome to r0g, the collaborative agency for open culture, art and critical transformation currently being formed in Berlin Germany. The agency, initiated by Stephen Kovats, with a team of friends and colleagues including Ela Kagel, Micz Flor and Therese Breyer, is currently being set up. We’ve recently wrapped up our third event #OSJUBA and as the agency continues to structure itself we’ll have more info, connections, updates and new ideas about projects, events and the various initiatives we are involved with and are working on!

Our first public mini-presentation was part of the Free Culture Incubator finale January 26th at our ‘home base’ the Supermarkt, located in Berlin’s Brunnenviertel (check out Jodi Rose’s excellent report here). As we work on researching and setting up the agency, we held our first major public event ‘CIRCUM / POLARITY: Art, Culture and Open Technology in the Changing Arctic‘ at the Embassy of Canada’s unique Marshall McLuhan Salon on Wednesday February 29th. CIRCUM / POLARITY, as a project within the transnational Arctic Perspective Initiative is aimed at developing the role of open source culture, art and technology in collaboration with Inuit and Nordic cultures, as a means of strengthening cultural autonomy in the circumpolar regions. There’s more info on this through r0g’s CIRCUMPOLARITY thread, and by following @arctic_init on twitter!

Juba, South Sudan. The world’s first Open Source City?

r0g and its partners SUPERMARKT, MICT, KOW and Sourcefabric held its preliminary event focussing on open source culture and post-conflict development #OSJUBA, on June 21st at KOW, and June 22nd at SUPERMARKT. In the age of participatory and social networks, creative hactivism, powerful collaborative media platforms and sustainable open technologies, #OSJUBA (aka ‘Open Source City Juba’) seeks to apply the methodologies of the world’s diverse open source communities in creating new forms of sustainable development. Taking the new state of South Sudan as prime example of the challenges faced by a radically new political, social, economic and societal order after decades of shattering, and indeed lingering conflict #OSJUBA proposes an Open Source Framework for Regional and National Development, which could lead to the establishment of the world’s first Open Source Capital City.

#OSJUBA was a great success, with a diverse and highly motivated group of participants – internationally recognised open source and development experts coming from artistic, activist, journalistic, policy and technological fields. It was also a great pleasure to welcome Jodi Rose back, this time in her capacity as Or0gPO *Official r0g_agency Prezi Officer* structuring #OSJUBA input, output and feedback into a comprehensive prezi sketchpad, available for anyone to access and use (CC/BY). For more information, documentation and links to the participants consult the #OSJUBA thread, follow us on twitter @intertwilight, or contact us via events at r0g-media dot org

r0g is building up … so please stay tuned and feel free to give us your feedback!