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Doing Development Differently – OPENing up Cooperation

On Thursday January 22, 2015, r0g_agency for open culture gGmbH, Digital Unite e.V. and the Centre for Internet & Human Rights at European University Viadrina (CIHR), presented Doing Development Differently – OPENing up Cooperation, or #DoDevDif. The event, hosted by the Embassy of Canada and supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is aimed at strengthening and better defining the notion of ‘Open Development’. Part of the CIHR’s wider workshop series on Digital Alternatives and Social Innovation, #DoDevDif brings together innovative development practitioners including open culture and ICT4D advocates, researchers, policymakers and social activists. Discussing the opportunities open data, ICTs and collaborative citizen-based methodologies pose for a new form of international development practice, #DoDevDif welcomed practitioners interested in Doing Development Differently to an open exchange at the Embassy of Canada in Berlin. The event included an open bar camp format, a focussed debate and a special screening of the documentary film ‘Made in Africa‘ by Geraldine de Bastion and René von der Waar.

Doing Development Differently / #DoDevDif January 22, 2015
Please R.S.V.P. for the event before Jan 10! You will be automatially directed to the Canada Embassy Marshall McLuhan Salon Event Registration page. The registration info is used solely in order to create a participant list with which to best prepare for the event.
Complete #DoDevDif info here!

Join the preliminary #DoDevDif discussion on Open Development!

We also acknowledge a similar, yet not directly related event and platform being set up by our friends at the ODI and the Harvard Kennedy School

South Sudan Inside-Out: Rebooting the Peace


On July 8th 2014, the eve of South Sudan’s third anniversary of independence, the Germany Africa Foundation in collaboration with r0g_agency and the Talk of Juba online community will be hosting South Sudan Inside-Out: Rebooting the Peace in Berlin. As part of the #DefyHateNow initiative, the event explores the role of social media in aggravating the current conflict in South Sudan, yet perhaps providing a path to peace and reconciliation. read more…

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Date:           Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Time:          19.00 – 20:30 CEST Berlin (UTC / GMT +2)
Venue:       Senatssaal (Humboldt University)
Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin

RSVP please until 2nd July 2014
via mail:

Christoph Strässer
German Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid

Dr. Leben Nelson Moro
Center for Peace and Development Studies,
University of Juba, South Sudan

Sieta Majok
Blogger and Co-Founder of #TalkOfJuba

Marina Peter 
Sudan Forum e.V.

Achwil Biong Arop Kuol
First Secretary, Charge d’Affaires
Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Germany

Dr. h.c. Volker Faigle
Official Envoy of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany to Sudan and South Sudan

The event will also be streamed live on YouTube and moderated for online remote participation via Talk of Juba – we’d like to hear your voice and views wherever you are located!

Please consult the Time Zone Converter for your local event time.

With many thanks to our supporting event partners:

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In collaboration with:

DAS_cmyk   talk_Juba





South Sudan Inside-Out: Rebooting the Peace


Three years after independence, South Sudan is facing a crisis that threatens to tear the young nation apart. Political clashes, ethnic violence and widespread humanitarian crises are exacerbated by the growing role of social media. What solutions can be found to re-boot the peace process and #DefyHateNow?

On July 8th 2014, the eve of South Sudan’s third anniversary of independence, the Germany Africa Foundation in collaboration with r0g_agency and Talk of Juba will be hosting South Sudan Inside-Out: Rebooting the Peace – #DefyHateNow in Berlin. This event explores the role of social media in aggravating the conflict, yet perhaps providing a path to peace and reconciliation. Continue reading South Sudan Inside-Out: Rebooting the Peace


In the runup and development towards a first global ‘Summit of Critical Making’ to be held in Yogyakarta Indonesia in 2015, the newly formed Culture Arts Technology Collective CATEC in collaboration with r0g_agency and the HONF Foundation are hosting a [proto:type] event, The Yogyakarta Meeting on Open Culture and Critical Making.

[proto:type]Y2014 highlights the unique and innovative forms of open culture practiced in Indonesia fusing art, open technology and education with grass-roots community interaction. Continue reading [PROTO:TYPE] Y2014

r0g_keynotes @ #SMWBerlin2013

Social Media Week Berlin – #SMWBerlin
September 23 to 27, 2013
The biggest free new media and tech conference, taking place simultaneously in 8 cities around the world!
Powered by Nokia, #SMWBerlin will bring together experts in a range of fields – from science and art, education and gaming, to entrepreneurship and marketing – who will explore the impact of of new and developing technologies on our everyday lives. The two main locations – ImmobilienScout24 and design akademie berlin – will transform into hubs of information and networking, as communities and individuals come together to host presentations, keynotes, panels, and networking parties. There will also be a Jobs Fair and CV clinic hosted by FlexBase, as well as a series of Master Classes, in which high-profile brands like Google, SoundCloud, and Team Europe will teach audiences how to apply practical skills to their own businesses and ideas.

With more than 150 events and 3,000 unique visitors during the week, Social Media Week Berlin #SMWBerlin is the place to be introduced to new ideas and expand your business and social networks.

Each year, international keynotes, supported by local agencies and the Heinrich Boell Stiftung, have joined us for #SMWBerlin. This year Social Media Week proudly presents four of the world’s leading social media activists, all from Africa and representing themes that touch our everyday lives no matter where we live or work: Slim Amamou – anti-censorship activist and one of the key leaders of the 2011 Tunisian revolution, Bisi Alimi – Nigerian gay rights activist, public speaker, blog writer and HIV/LGBT advocate, Japheth J. Omojuwa – Nigeria’s Foremost Political Blogger and Commentator as well as Heba Amin – Egyptian artist and scholar on Egypt’s unique Speak2Tweet project.


Keynote: Slim Amamou – How to Overthrow Governments Through Social Networks: a Theoretical Basis

Tuesday, September 24, 20.15 – 21.00
hosted by: r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation

Slim Amamou, co-founder of the web agency ALIXSYS is a computer programmer and blogger who became one of the leaders of Tunisian revolution. Arrested in 2010 for organizing a street protest against internet censorship and then again in 2011 during the revolution, he was appointed Secretary of State for Youth and Sports in the Tunisian interim government 3 days after getting out of jail. A few months later when the new government began to impose Internet censorship again, he resigned his post. Fighting against censorship and for the neutrality of the Internet, Slim Amamou is now setting up the Pirate Party of Tunisia. His writings focus on the modalities and mechanisms for the emergence of a new global society of
the Internet.


Keynote: Japheth Omojuwa – Social Media and Journalism: A different type of responsibility

Thursday, September 26, 19.30 – 20.15
hosted by: OSI-Club Afrikabeauftragte

Japheth Omojuwa, Editor of the African Liberty Organisation, has a deep understanding of the new era of journalism and the possibilities and challenges it presents for both industry workers, and individuals. Join him in exploring how the new tools of social media have lowered the barrier to who can play the role of a journalist, and how the journalistic responsibility is more likely upheld by the average citizen. He will touch on the future for traditional journalists, and what the advent of social media means for their industry.


Keynote: Heba Amin Speak2Tweet in Egypt

Friday, September 27, 17.15 – 18.00
hosted by: r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation

Heba Amin is an Egyptian artist and scholar, currently a lecturer at the Media and Computing Dept. at the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin. Her artwork and research address themes related to urban planning, mapping, film, and technology. After the Egyptian authorities succeeded in shutting down the country’s international Internet access points on January 27th, 2011 in response to growing protests, a group of programmers responded by developing the Speak2Tweet platform. Amin’s work comprises an ongoing collection of experimental films saving Speak2Tweet messages directly prior to the fall of the Mubarak regime from disappearing into the depths of the web archive where they may be no longer accessible

Keynote: Bisi Alimi – From the Street to the Web: creating a new generation of advocates and activists

Friday, September 27, 19.30 – 20.15
hosted by: Deutsche Afrika Stiftung e.V.

Alimi achieved notoriety when he became the first Nigerian to speak openly about sexuality on public media. At Social Media Week Berlin, listen to how Alimi has personally used social media tools to engage with African communities on issues of human and LGBT rights – subjects that are considered taboo in the region. The conversation will touch on the role of social media and social engagement in Africa, where a new generation of Advocates and Activists have been (re)empowered to address these issues.

All the SMW_Berlin Keynotes will take place at the
design akademie berlin

Aufbau Haus am U-Bhf Moritzplatz
Berlin, 10969

All events at Social Media Week Berlin are free and open to the public, but registration is urged – doable via the SMW log-in portal on But as the Berlin edition of SMW grows, so too does the number of registrants and the demand for events. To ensure that SMW can maintain frictionless and effortless participation, this year a premium ticket, called a Connected Pass, to allow registration-free entry and reserved seating, has been introduced. For more info on the Connected Pass, which is valid for all of the over 100 for the full five days of SMW, please see:

Many lectures will also be streamed, please check the individual event info!

Please follow #SMWberlin on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ or the <feed://>


#MMJUBA video documentation

Media&Makers: JUBA 2012
Open Knowledge and Sustainable Media Forum
11-13 December 2012
Juba, Republic of South Sudan
#MMJUBA Video documentation

Video documentation produced by Lagu Stephen Samuel (Kapital Movie Corporation, Juba) for ‘MEDIA & MAKERS JUBA 2012 Open Knowledge and Sustainable Media Forum’ (#MMJUBA), an event by and r0g_agency for open culture, hosted by UNESCO, in collaboration with UNICEF South Sudan, AMDISS and the South Sudan Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, with funding by the German Federal Foreign Office.

MEDIA & MAKERS brought together policy makers, journalists, researchers, open source developers, and civil society stakeholders to develop scenarios for a sustainable media sector and civil society in South Sudan, with an emphasis on open innovation, access to knowledge and open governance.

MEDIA & MAKERS trailer by Lagu Stephen Samuel produced in Juba, South Sudan by Kapital Movie Corporation as an event documentation training project. (Please excuse any spelling errors or minor title inaccuracies.)

Dorothy K. Gordon, Director-General of the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT, on the connections between Open Source Software (FOSS), independence and sustainability.

Klaas Glenewinkel & Stephen Kovats, event co-chairs open MEDIA & MAKERS JUBA 2012, Dec 11, 2012

Stephen Kovats introduces the MEDIA & MAKERS JUBA 2012 ‘Open Knowledge’ stream

Mark Kaigwa, iHUB Nairobi, on the significance of story telling

Philip Thigo, SODNET – the Social Development Network Nairobi, on Open ICT and Civil Society

Edetaen Ojo, Media Right Agenda Lagos, on the state of access to information

David Chan Thiang, South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics, on the sovereignty of real data

Higher resolution versions to download, produced by Michael Milanesi (streampark, Berlin)

all clips are CC2013 BY NC (r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation gGmbH, Berlin)

For more info on MMJUBA please visit the #MMJUBA event tumblr page, or the comprehensive project page


Open Knowledge literacy training

A ‘Wikipedia sprint’ or ‘wikisprint’ for Kuajok, the capital of Warrap Sate, in collaboration with local students and the Kuajok Youth Organisation aims to draft the first comprehensive and community created Wikipedia entry in Warrap State … and perhaps South Sudan by local experts and residents.

The sprint format introduces participants to the many resources that comprise Wikipedia, the world’s largest collaborative knowledge base. Running the sprint as a literacy and internet training project addresses a number of key skills including researching, writing, editing – and doing this together as team work.

The results or ‘products’ of this workshop include the development of some basic IT skills, information about the vast realm of online knowledge resources, as well as how to have fun with your own history, your future and your ‘image’ in the world.

The results can be presented publicly as an evening event along with film or video(s) about the area featuring local music and musicians that, themselves, are included in the Wikipedia entry itself. The Wikipedia sprint is an open knowledge ‘feedback loop’ that empowers and builds pride in local culture and history.


r0g_agency hosts, develops and participates in open culture and critical transformation themed events at home in Berlin and worldwide. Our first major curated_EVENTS, #OSJUBA (Berlin, June 2012), #MMJUBA (Juba, December 2012) and our session at the UNESCO WSIS+10 Review (February 2013) have helped create the framework for our current initiatives on post-conflict development in the Republic of South Sudan.

r0g_curated_EVENTS seek to further the role of open knowledge led solutions employing FOSS, OERs and Open Data in post-conflict development, crisis mitigation and societal transformation scenarios. These are our key independently curated or collaboratively produced public events.

r0g_featured_EVENTS highlight guest contributions to key international conferences, workshops or specialised seminars which support our research and programme trajectory. These have included our contributions to leading international events such as OKconf (Geneva, September 2013), the Summit for Community Wireless Networks (Berlin, October 2013) and ICT4ag (Kigali, November 2013).


key r0g_ conferences, workshops, exhibitions or discussions curated independently, or in collaboration with our partners in conjunction with leading international open culture events …

Yogyakarta Meeting on Open Culture and Critical Making
in collaboration with HONF Foundation and CATEC

Subtle Technologies Festival 2014
Critical State Making Panel
in collaboration with OCADU

Kuajok Open Cultures and Technologies Seminar
in collaboration with the Gov’t of Warrap State (South Sudan)

Social Media Week Berlin 2013
in collaboration with the German – Africa Foundation
Slim Amamou (Tunis)
Japheth Omojuwa (Lagos)
Heba Amin (Cairo / Berlin)
Bisi Alimi (London)

UNESCO WSIS+10 Review Paris 2013
Open Systems Solutions for Peace and Development Session

Open Knowledge & Sustainable Media Forum #MMJUBA
in collaboration with MICT

Social Media Week Berlin 2012
‘Giving Voices to the Voiceless’ feat. Annette Weber (SWP) and H.E. Ambassador Sitona Abdalla Osman (South Sudan)

#OSJUBA 2012
Open Source in Post-Conflict Development
in collaboration with MICT, KOW and supermarkt

CIRCUM / POLARITY + C_plexus Solaris
in collaboration with the Marshall McLuhan Salon, Embassy of Canada

#SMWberlin features leading African activists

Social Media Week 2013, the global new media and tech conference – took place simultaneously in 8 cities around the world, including Berlin. r0g_agency in collaboration with the Otto-Suhr-Institute e.V. and the Heinrich Boell Foundation (Tunis Office) was proud to present four of the world’s leading social media activists, journalists and bloggers, all from Africa and representing fundamental open culture themes that touch our everyday lives no matter where we live or work: Slim Amamou – anti-censorship activist and one of the key leaders of the 2011 Tunisian revolution, Bisi Alimi – Nigerian gay rights activist, public speaker, blog writer and HIV/LGBT advocate, Japheth J. Omojuwa – Nigeria’s foremost political blogger and commentator as well as Heba Amin – Egyptian artist and scholar on Egypt’s unique Speak2Tweet project. Continue reading #SMWberlin features leading African activists