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Cameroon Diaspora Dialogues Panel Discussion

#defyhatenow is an initiative of the r0g agency for open culture & critical transformation that works on countering hate speech, both online and offline, through continuous training of media users, media influencers, journalists, community broadcasters, and the different actors and stakeholders within the media sphere. It goes beyond countering hate speech through social media to engaging in sustainable peace dialogues in communities, interfaith dialogues, and building community resilience in countries and in communities that are prone to violent conflicts. Over the years #defyhatenow has worked in Cameroon, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

We are hosting our first #defyhatenow diaspora online dialogue discussion on September 23rd, 2023.

The topic of the panel discussion shall focus on the theme ‘Conflict transformation in Cameroon, Possibilities and Potentials within the Diaspora’. 

Given the strong correlation that exists between actions, declarations, and speeches of some renowned Cameroonian activists based abroad, the Cameroonian diaspora has been identified as a probable conflict influencer. Social media is one of the means through which the diaspora exerts influence and opinions (positive & negative) on the conflict back home.

With this in mind, the #defyhatenow initiative has sought to engage with the diaspora in exploring possibilties for conflict transformation between the Diaspora and Cameroon.

Our Diaspora Dialogue Panel Discussion on September 23rd will be the first in a series of Cameroon Diaspora Dialogues that will take place once every quarter.


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