Background Video

This initial phase of the project, originating from the outcome of the MEDIA & MAKERS JUBA 2012 FORUM (#MMJUBA), a short film and a knowledge base of impressions, statements and visions is being developed to give an impression of the geography and human profile of South Sudan’s Warrap State. It acts as an introduction in the development of a broader ‘Open Systems Strategy’ for peaceful, sustainable and democratic strutures in the state. Focussing on Warrap’s political, social and cultural direction the project will link the many challenges faced by its citizens to their personal hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Her Excellency, the Governor of Warrap State Ms. Nyandeng Malek Dielic, the first female elected governor of one of South Sudan’s 10 federal states has embarked on the #OSWARRAP Initiative to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption and to strengthen peace and security in Warrap State. A longtime political advocate of women’s rights, education and empowerment of the marginalized members of society, Governor Nyandeng has offered her political leadership to take the step of bringing innovation and political accountability in the form of open development structures to help her people.

With one of her major challenges as Governor being to bring over one million poorly educated pastoralists and cattle herders into the 21st century, she follows a grassroots philosophy based on the will and experience of the people to drive her political ideology. Seeing the impact of deep-rooted conflicts between rural agrarian communities compounded by the effects of climate change on achieving sustainable development, she considers the linkages between these factors and the many dimensions of equitable development both as a crisis that must be tackled and an opportunity that must be seized.