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#ASKotec – A field kit for Open Tech

#ASKotec dust proof case
#ASKotec dust proof case – cc-by-sa 4.0

The #ASKotec (also called #ASKotek) is a kit designed to work as a mobile trainer‘s set to tackle basic field challenges when it comes to Open Tech and Open Source Hardware innovation, education and repairing wherever needed. Providing »Access to Skills and Knowledge« as an multi-functional »Open Tech Emergency Case« gives rural and urban innovators a new point of entrance.

A dust proof case with basic tools and materials to distribute knowledge and product development. As well as up-cycling old material to new #open innovation …anywhere!

The set contains

  • basic electronics and connections

  • soldering and cutting tools

  • mechanical and measurement tools

  • Guides and additional things (ex. adapters, first aid kit and additional things)

  • (optional) A Linux computer and documentation content

As a follow-up on the #OLG- Open Learning Guide it was developed alongside the recently published #OHG – Open Hardware Guide with the motivation of local people from South Sudan and Uganda in Pioneering for Open Tech Innovation. #POTI #opentech4all

For more detailed information and further development you can use the OER ASKotec document (incl. content list) created under open source license cc-by-sa 4.0. Also the packing guide created by the local people from South Sudan might come in handy. ¹

Feel free to contribute or support us for extended research.

¹ if you need any editable OER material let us know

Access to Skills (ASK) through local training
Access to Skills (ASK) through local training – cc-by-sa 4.0