#AoPJUBA – Architecture of Peace

#AoPJUBA (Architecture of Peace Juba) is an urban research, development and education project being proposed in collaboration with the University of Juba, icebauhaus (Weimar) and the ARCHIS Foundation (Amsterdam) to address the issues of post-conflict urban development.

#AoPJUBA addresses the rapid disapperance of public space in post-conflict areas and attemps to identify spatial problems within urban development as well as jointly compose innovative resolutions that operate with regards to the conflict´s specific dynamics. The aim of #AoPJUBA is sustainable and cultural policies that contribute to peace building and the establishment of democratic frameworks. #AoPJUBA supports the increase in the quality of life of civilians and in the security of urban areas by serving as a facilitator for political and public awareness and as a trigger of community action. As such, the project believes that …
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