Annual report 2022

The r0g_agency works towards:

  • Nurturing peacebuilding while working to mitigate online hate speech and incitement to violence.
  • Supporting open access to information and creating open educational materials, ensuring knowledge is readily available to all.
  • Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, laying the foundation for self-sustaining communities and individual empowerment.

The r0g_agency is committed to fostering and valuing diversity in all of its forms, promoting gender-equality, and creating inclusive, affirming work environments.


The r0g_agency works with grassroots, governmental, and international organizations – often to bridge gaps between policy and tangible action on the ground.

The r0g_agency is based in Berlin, Germany and works with communities and organizations in the Republic of South Sudan, Uganda, Cameroon, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

Highlights from r0g_projects 2022

asknet collage

#ASKnet 2022
(Access to Skills and Knowledge Network)

2022 marked an important year for #ASKnet as the project worked on laying out a mission and a vision, developing the network structure, and creating a business plan with a sustainable financing model.

This was done in order for #ASKnet to begin the process of creating a formal network that is designed to become a self-sustaining network of South Sudanese youth-led media development organizations. We are so excited about this development, as it works to solidify the longevity of the #ASKnet project.


#defyhatenow Cameroon

#defyhatenow Cameroon is a community-based initiative with a focus on strengthening communities, providing data-driven solutions to mitigate social media-based hate speech, and mobilizing civic action against all forms of hate speech and online incitement to violence. We do this to work towards building a #HateFreeCameroon.

The goal is to strengthen and amplify the voices of peace in the local communities. The program also helps bridge the gaps of knowledge and awareness of social media mechanisms between those with easy access to technology and those without. We do so through the creation and distribution of materials, such as our bilingual Social Media Hate Speech Mitigation Field Guide, and local trainings that are free to download and available to everyone.


r0g_Events 2022

r0g_curated events

Throughout the year, r0g hosts events to highlight our work, bring in local experts, and connect with our local community. In 2022, we hosted the following events:

In 2022, r0g hosted the following events:

  2. International Women's Day: #women4peace
  3. r0g_game night
  4. #ONEdefyhatenow meeting Nairobi
  5. International Youth Day - #ASKnet
  6. The Art of Cultural Resistance: OFF-Biennale Budapest
  7. #peacejam22
  8. Hacking Public Policy: How Can a Global Citizen's Assembly Impact Democracy?
  9. Repair - Reuse - Upcycle: The Essence of the Right to Repair
  10. Crushing the Hate Curve: How Peace Technologies Counter Violent Extremism Online
  11. #OCFC - Open Culture Feminist Café: Shifting Po wer: Towards Decolonial Feminist Foreign Policy
  12. r0g_ advent game night
  13. #OCFC- Open Culture Feminist Café: No Roses From My Mouth
  14. Football, Peacebuilding, and Human Rights

r0g_event participation

In 2022, members of the r0g_agency participated in the following events hosted by others:

1. The evening of - r0g_agency @ V2 in Rotterdam
2. 12th Intercultural Football Tournament
3. UN & GIG roundtable discussion
4. Lecture: Responsive Open-Source Modular Housing Prototype - Pagirinya Satellite (Uganda)
5. #BuildPeace2022 Chemnitz/Germany


#defyhatenow Field Guide Ethiopia

Adding to the already existing English and French versions of the posters, #defyhatenow translated its posters into Pidgin English.

#defyhatenow Diaspora Calendar

#defyhatenow created a 2023 calendar that features diaspora soccer teams based in Berlin.

Kiezblatt features r0g_agency

The r0g_agency was featured in the Kiezblatt, a Berlin neighborhood-based newspaper.

#defyhatenow spoken word videos

#defyhatenowcreated spoken word videos with different artists in Cameroon, mainly with Strawacademie and the artist Mac Alunge, who also produced videos to visualise the topics of peace, tolerance, and how careful one has to be when sharing information online.

YENNA #MMN tool post

The #MMN toolkit was featured on the YENNA website, the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) learning platform.

IOM Diaspora newsletter Q&R with # MMN

The #MMN toolkit was featured on the YENNA website, the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) learning platform.


Sexual harassment Reporting

The r0g_agency put together a handbook detailing our sexual harassment policies, what we are doing to ensure all employees work in a safe and affirming environment, and how to report any issues that arise.

Help us build strong, peaceful societies.

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Help us,

  • Combat the spread of hate speech on the Internet,
  • give migrants access to life-saving information,
  • give young people the opportunity to develop their skills.

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