5.workshop_ Juba December 2015

Youth Outreach Challenge
December 19, 2015


Venues Nile Beach Hotel

Youths are ambassadors of peace, Youth Empowerment Scheme is conducting one day workshop on December 19, 2015, the theme: #Defyhatenow Youth Outreach Challenge with the focus on the perception and awareness of online hate speech. Online hate speeches had negatively and indirectly fueled the escalation of December 15, 2013 crisis, thousands of photos, images, and distorted messages were circulating in every corner of the social media, particularly “Facebook”. The December 15, 2013 crisis with it elements including social media had sharply divided communities along ethnic line.

As the country is recuperating toward peace, healing and reconciliation #Defyhatenow in collaboration with Ebony Center for strategic Studies is launching an online hate speeches awareness and challenge youth to counteract online hate speech with online peace building campaign messages and photos.

youth Empowerment scheme under the umbrella of Ebony Center for Strategic Studies had done many peace building mobilization campaigns, youth skill acquisitions and entrepreneurship workshops with the overall objectives of rebuilding fragmented social fabric in South Sudan. Youth at the Youth Empowerment Scheme Resource Center work collaborative as brothers/sisters, unity within diversity is paramount.


Hon. Malual giving his presentation

Defyhatenow Youth Outreach Challenge

1 Opening Remarks and tea break
2 Presentation online hate speech Hon. Malual Tap
3 Questions, comment and reflection online social media hate speech
4 Group will be divided into five groups to identify, define and develop amicable solution proposals.
5 Lunch break
6 Presentations, each group will be given 10 minutes presentation
7 Consensus building solution
8 Two minutes each group giving statement on documentary video
9 Closing Remarks