4. workshop_ Juba november/december 2015

#PeaceHackCamp Juba 2015
Monday November 30 to Wednesday Dec 02, 2015
Free and open to the public.

Bringing together peacebuilders, tech innovators and open culture advocates from across South Sudan and beyond to hack, code, make and collaborate for peace! Visitors are invited to participate and collaborate during the event, in workshops taking place in the format of a “barcamp”.




24722635036_e337a70537_z#PeaceHackCamp programmes on mitigating social media hate speech and online incitement to violence form part of the #defyhatenow initiative by the r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation gGmbH, in collaboration with the Ebony Center for Strategic Studies (ECSS) and the Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation (CEPO.



What happens when Social Media becomes a channel of hate and intolerance?

Social Media is used as medium of choice of most hate groups today, however, the Internet. And its reach, Social Media allows members of hate groups from all over the world to engage in real-/me conversa/ons with each other

Encouraging intolerance, violence discrimina/on and suppression against groups they despise. Social media and the internet has been a windfall for the spread of these messages and recruitment of new members.

How can people take ac/on to stop hate speech using the medium for peace and innova/on?

1. Real /me monitoring of social media and this should include an ac/ve takedown of facebook pages and violent pos/ngs,

and also working with civil society organiza/ons to establish counter-narra/ves to combat and contest hate narra/ves that are being mediated online.

2. Cast a wide net to reach a diverse audience. Encourage respected community members, students, ar/sts, NGOs, nonprofits, and local business leaders to par/cipate in

The campaign group, following TwiMer feed, and join the social-networking page. They’ll bring a variety of talents and perspec/ves to the conversa/on, and their online presence will send a powerful message to the criminal elements in the community: ‘We are united against you’.

3. The findings of the research will be used to sensi/ze the community members on the nature and forms of hate speech that exist in South Sudan and will be used to develop a strategic response mechanism to hate speech by iden/fying provisions in South Sudan legal frameworks and draws comparison to Interna/onal Instruments towards understanding of hate speech.

4. Tracing where hate speech is present in South Sudan and explores any shorLalls and finally make recommenda/ons to development of hate speech laws in South Sudan.

5. There is need to establish a plaLorm for local communi/es against hate speech by airing peacebuilding programming on local radio outlets. In other words, if South Sudanese have frequent and extended access to media content that is carefully designed to increase their knowledge and change their adtudes regarding conflict, such programming could shie their behaviors at the local level.

extracts of the presenation by Lokuto Bismark CEPO
complete download as pdf

The #defyhatenow initiative is funded by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) with means of the German Federal Foreign Office