Following the success and intense discussions that took place during MEDIA & MAKERS JUBA 2012: The Open Knowledge and Sustainable Media Forum (#MMJUBA), in Juba, South Sudan December 2012, r0g, along with South Sudan’s Warrap State Governor, Her Excellency Nyandeng Malek Dielic were invited to participate at the UNESCO WSIS+10 Review Conference on Knowledge Societies for Peace and Development February 25 – 27, 2013 in Paris. Leading a session on ‘Open Solutions for addressing global challenges‘ they were joined by the Director General of the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT and FOSSFA member, Dorothy K. Gordon, the data artist and open cultures activist Irene Agrivina of the HONF Foundation Yogyakarta, senior Federal German Foreign Office representative Johannes Lehne and the President of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Asha Kanwar. The session, which included ca. 20 live webcasting nodes worldwide addressed the growing international relevance of Open Systems Solutions as effective vehicles to address today’s major post-crisis, peace and global development challenges.

The Paris conference also marked the first time that South Sudan, represented by H.E. Ambassador Andrew Akon Akech Kuol, and H.E. Warrap State Governor Nyandeng Malek Dielic took the new state’s seat at a UNESCO plenary! As an opportunity to follow up on the MEDIA & MAKERS discussions, a first memorandum for an South Sudan Open Systems ‘roadmap’ was drafted, looking to Warrap as a model or pilot state in which to implement open source and open data strategies, in support of open government principles. We were also honoured to have hosted Governor Nyandeng in Berlin after the UNESCO conference. Here, she visited numerous open culture related organizations including our MEDIA & MAKERS Forum partners MICT and leading open source journalism organization Sourcefabric with whom she conducted an interview on her vision of prosperous and stable South Sudan, and the challenges she faces in helping her people in achieving these goals.

Currently, in collaboration with new partners including organizations such as MEDIA & MAKERS participants CEPOSS we are working on formulating key elements of the Open Systems Warrap (#OWS) strategy, and on putting together the comprehensive video documentation on MEDIA & MAKERS (#MMJUBA) with South Sudanese film maker Lagu Stephen Samuel of Juba based Kapital Movie. Further media feedback on #MMJUBA includes reports on South Sudan Citizen TV, Tech360 magazine, Oafrica, PAANLUEL WËL, the Brazilian newspaper ‘O Estado de S.Paulo’ among others. Tweeting on #MMJUBA included Michel Bauwens, initiator of the p2p Foundation, as well as the journalist Jonathan Kalan, responsible for covering East Africa issues at BBC. Sharable images (CC – BY – NC, please) of #MMJUBA, and the event’s Open Knowledge stream are available on the MICT flickr feed.

Thanks to Jodi Rose and OpenOil.net‘s Amrit Naresh an extensive wiki with notes of the #MMJUBA ‘Open Knowledge’ stream which is open to contribution, reference and use will be integrated into the continuing development of the initiative.

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  1. I’m really happy to know about this agency after a meet with Celmens Lerche & Steven, in Kuajok Warrap State, I wish the best to r0g

  2. Dear John, it was also really nice to meet you, and cathcing a football match was a great end to our short (and hopefully not last) visit to Kuajok! Let’s keep in touch! Best regards, Stephen

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